Happiest Place On Earth

Before I get going on this week’s blog topic (best job/worst job), I want to apologize for my summer slackerdom.  Sometimes I was gone physically, others mentally.  But now that the school year has started back for my rascals, I’m back to regularly scheduled chaos.  As for last week’s missing topic on school trips, I’ll probably pop that in the next time we have a free choice week.

I’ve held quite a few jobs.  Most of the different ones during the college years.  Desk assistant, book shelver, waitress, substitute teacher, merchandising hostess, and of course teacher (baton, dance, math, English, aerobics, and instructor of small people to whom I’ve given birth.)  I’ve also taken on many jobs which fall under the “volunteer” category.  It is under the volunteer category which is where the “worst job” falls.  Why would anyone take that responsibility on?  Because if I didn’t do it, the tasks would have fallen to other volunteers who had far less spare time tha I did.  After all, I took on the role of Girl Scout Cookie mom under that same rationale, and I enjoyed that volunteer role.  In fact, I’d enjoyed all my volunteer jobs until the most recent one.  Has the bad experience soured me on volunteering for everything else now?  No, but I’ll evaluate each situation much more carefully from now on.  But since I don’t want to dwell on THAT situation, I’ll switch to my best job.

My best job is…well…honestly, I can’t say.  I’ve enjoyed all of them for different reasons.  That’s not to say I didn’t have my share of challenging days in each of them, but usually my reason for leaving each of them was a change in my situation (usually a move or the job was seasonal).  I’ve never been fired and never left any of them on poor terms.  But I must share one of my shortest but definitely fun jobs.

It was the summer of 1987 after my freshmen year of college and I wanted to work at Disney World.  I would have loved to have been an attractions hostess or in entertainment, but I got a job as a merchandising hostess.  Disney term for sales clerk.  I worked at Space Place where we sold candy, camera film, batteries, and cigarettes.  No gum.  To this day, I challenge you to find any place at Disney which sells gum.  Rumor has it that Walt was taking a niece or some other young child around a non-Disney park (before his were built) and he stepped in gum.  Thus, Walt declared that there would be no gum sold in his parks.  Anyhow, at night we sold “glow jewelry”.  These days they’ve upped their nighttime glowy offerings, but glow sticks and glow necklaces were all the rage back in ’87.  The other part of my job involved pointing out where the bathrooms and Space Mountain were located.  Straight ahead and big white spacy-looking mountain type sturcture behind us….just in case you’re wondering.  Space Place is now Disney Vacation Club location, but I point it out to my family every time we visit Disney.  Which happens to be now.  We spent the Labor Day weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth and will return home today, but I sometimes wish I still worked there.  Maybe not the best job, but one I’ll never forget no matter how many times we get asked, “What time is the 3 o’clock parade?”

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7 Responses to Happiest Place On Earth

  1. tonettejoyce says:

    Glad you’re back, Micki…it’s been really slow.(Now,If I can figure out how to get people to actually comment!)
    I have never been to a Disney Park…never been to California,never been to Florida.I never pushed to go, either. My father and his friends bought blocks of ‘Florida Swamp land’ in the early1960’s…it was under water most of the year.He only bought one 5-acre block,(his friends bought more…the lots cost $10.00 a month).My father sold his after a year or two to one of the friends. Just a couple of years later, the friends made a killing…you guessed it…Disney World went up on that land.Kind of soured me, but I would like to get my hands on the dough to go to the Harry Potter park!


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Ah, Universal’s Islands of Adventure with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I bet that’s many a college student’s dream summer job…that is if some of the facebook posts of my former students are to be believed. This was the Disney year, last year was Universal. We can only afford one season/multipass per year, so maybe next year we’ll be back to Universal, but I have a feeling the next theme park we go to will be Legoland. I’ve got Lego addicts in my house. Kind of a dangerous combination with theme park addicts. Wish my family had owned some of that central FL swamp land back in the 60’s too!


      • tonettejoyce says:

        Sometimes my floors are wall-to-wall Legos! The Next Generation has started on them here.Fortunately, we had kept all the sets.Bet there are a million pieces in containers…under the tvs, cabinets, dressers, in drawers,bottoms of closets.Seems no matter how hard we try to get them all up, there is a stray piece or 10 somewhere.


  2. I’m glad they don’t have gum. I’ve stepped in my fair share over the years, than you very much.

    I also take some issue about “happiest place in world” – have you seen the number of wailing kids? The whining adults in line? See what I mean? LOL


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Oh yes, I’ve noticed the whiny ones. I call it the “happiest place” as long as those offending parties aren’t in MY party. Still, there’s something special about Disney. Of course this is coming from the person who had a Minnie and Mickey wedding cake top!


  3. jeff7salter says:

    Me too, about gum. I hardly ever chew it … and haven’t for most of my adult years. and I HATE stepping in it!.
    I went to DisneyLand in 1958 with my family and to DisneyWorld in 1972, as a grown-up (but also with family … for a wedding). Age 7.5 (which I was for that first visit) was the perfect age for such a place. Of course, back then the lines were not nearly as long. At DW in ’72, I recall waiting half an hour to get on a ride! Ditto for Six Flags (Dallas) in the late 70s.
    But I never wanted to work there … especially not wearing one of the character costumes.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Yeah, the character costumes are not fun. A few years back, a Tigger or Pluto got into trouble because they “reacted” to some kid yanking on their tail or something. One of my husband’s good friends (who had been one of those characters) said that the way the suit is built is that the harness around the chest is connected to the tail and if someone were to yank or pull on the tail, it cuts off your circulation or pushed into their chest. Not to mention being in a fur suit in 90+ degree weather. Even the face characters (Cinderella, Snow White, etc.) have their share of agony. They have to wear thick stage makeup which is difficult to remove and can make their face breakout which is the worst thing in the world for a 16 year old girl. I guess Fairy Godmothers weren’t much help with acne.


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