A Time I Was in Danger and Didn’t Know It

I started law school when I was twenty years old. I lived in a one bedroom apartment by myself. I was a cute young thing who hung out at the pool a lot reading text books. It was better than sitting inside the apartment. I also had to drag my clothes across the parking lot to the complex’s laundry room. This apartment complex had six large buildings and a lot of students and young people lived there.

There was this one guy who always chatted me up at the pool and laundry room. He would always ask me to go for drinks with him but I never said yes- mostly because the workload the first year of law school was too brutal, but also because he was a little odd.

One day, he came to my door and knocked. I peeked out and opened it with the chain still engaged. He asked me if I wanted to buy a new battery for my car. I said not really, I didn’t need one.

He laughed and said I would have to if I didn’t go down and turn off the lights since I’d left them on. I went down and took care of it. He then asked if he could come up for a drink. I told him I had plans and he’d interrupted me as I was getting ready.

He walked away. I got back upstairs, changed my clothes and went to the law library to study. I felt like he was going to come back and see if I was gone.

I never saw him again, but about a week later, he was arrested for killing a woman and decapitating her. They found the shovel and her head in the trunk of his car.

I could’ve been that girl if I hadn’t had my own sense of the heebie-jeebies over this guy who seemed nice enough but just a little “off”.


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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.
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8 Responses to A Time I Was in Danger and Didn’t Know It

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Good grief! This could be an episode of Law & Order Special Crimes Unit (or whatever that subtitle is).
    Thank God you had that warning light in your brain or being … that kept you from doing the ‘polite’ thing and going with the flow. In that case, being ‘polite’ may have gotten you into his clutches.
    Wow. Terrific story, which deserves its own book someday.


  2. Yeah. It was a bit of luck that I have a pretty well-honed sense of intuition, for sure. and there’s def, a book there.


  3. Laurie Ryan says:

    OMGosh, Jillian. I’m SO glad you trusted your instincts. Wow. That is scary.


  4. Yeah, Laurie. It was scary for sure. I was stunned to see his face on tv when they arrested him.


  5. Micki Gibson says:

    OMG! That is Ted Bundy creepy. Never doubt a woman’s intuition. So glad you trusted your instincts. I get shivers thinking I might not have my friend today.


  6. tonettejoyce says:

    OMG,Jillian! Too close for comfort! ALWAYS follow your “Uh-oh” reflex! A friend of mine was almost abducted by Michael Green, the serial rapist/killer. He grabbed her as she got out of her car and tried to force her to take him somewhere.When the light came as she opened the car door, she knew she’d never get out alive, so she screamed and would not stop.He cut her hand and threw her down an embankment,but she was lucky.When he was caught,(before he was exectuted), said he was not going to do anything to her, but if that were the case, why take her and not just the car…(which he didn’t take anyway?). Thanks be to God you also kept your wits about you!


    • Wow, Tonette your friend was very, very lucky. She was brave and wise to make all that noise. Way to go.

      Yeah, it was a close call. Sadly, I also went to high school with a murderer that I could’ve been a victim of as well as he tried to get me to come in his house when I went by looking for my boyfriend. He said Bruce was in his house and I said I’d wait outside in my car. He went back in, came out and said I needed to come in as Bruce was feeling sick and was in the bathroom. It was too weird so I left. A week later, he cut a girl’s throat from ear to ear and left her in the woods behind his house. So, yeah, 2 escapes, I’ve had my quota, right?


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