Free Week!

It’s Free Week which means you don’t have to pay anything to read this blog.  Wait.  What?  You never pay to read this blog?  Oh, well then I guess Free Week means something else.  I can walk into the Coach store and grab anything I want for free?  No?  What’s that you say?  They call that stealing or shoplifting and I can get arrested for that?  Geez.  So what’s Free Week all about?

(Mumbled whispers from the other foxes and the hound.)

Got it.  So I’m free to talk about whatever I want.  Great!  Except….except…I don’t know what to talk about.  I mean I could totally call this an Alzheimer’s moment since I’ve got another birthday coming up.  Or I could blame it on a case of the Mondays and I just realized I’ve got to get the kiddos off to school early because they like to participate in these things called “extracurriculars.”  I could talk about the massive influx of email in two of my three email accounts.  Or I could simply bask in knowing that I can get a free Starbucks coffee since I have a lovely postcard wishing me a happy birthday and would I like to caffeinate myself at their expense.  (Thank you, I’ll take a VENTI skinny vanilla latte even though I’m usually just a grande girl because it’s free.)

Aw heck!  Y’all just go and have yourselves a good ol’ time for FREE!

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8 Responses to Free Week!

  1. Here’s a birthday wish for you that I got for FREE!!


  2. tonettejoyce says:

    For your birthday, my wish for you is to find some ‘free’ time; sounds like you need it! I’m glad to see up and posted, but hey, take the extra time on us!
    (But watch it about birthdays and Alzheimer’s Girlie! I’ve got more than a couple of years on you!).


  3. Lavada Dee says:

    Happy Birthday – sending you free greetings and wishing you a stress free day.


  4. jeff7salter says:

    THREE email accounts? Gadzooks, how on earth do you keep up?
    So when is your birthday? Today? Facebook didn’t notify me.
    Whenever it is, I hope you get at least one of your b-day wishes. [It’ll prob. be something involving that band you love so much — ha.]


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