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It’s A Woot Kind of Day

It’s serendipitous that this is a free week. Why? Because it’s my day to blog and it’s also the release day for my latest book, Primal Design. Tada! I feel like I should say something else. Um. Well, of course … Continue reading

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A Day to Talk About Anything I Want

The pressure’s on. What do I truly want to talk about that I haven’t already said this week? Hmm. Let me think. *taps index finger on chin*. I’ve got nothing, so how about I share a couple of lines of … Continue reading

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Free Week!

It’s Free Week which means you don’t have to pay anything to read this blog.  Wait.  What?  You never pay to read this blog?  Oh, well then I guess Free Week means something else.  I can walk into the Coach … Continue reading

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Thank Heaven For Little Boys

Here is one time when my life was truly and suddenly in danger. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with humidity or lack thereof…I know the Hound and my Fellow Foxes know about high humidity; it makes … Continue reading

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In Fear For My Life

                                                          By Jeff Salter              I’ve had a goodly share of scary experiences during my lifetime, beginning with two instances of “nearly drowning” (according to my parents) about 18 months apart … when I was a toddler.             At the … Continue reading

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It Was Scary

I can say that the only real time my life was in danger was when I got in my car wreck, but that’s not what I’m going to talk about today. No, instead I’m going to talk about another time … Continue reading

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A Time I Was in Danger and Didn’t Know It

I started law school when I was twenty years old. I lived in a one bedroom apartment by myself. I was a cute young thing who hung out at the pool a lot reading text books. It was better than … Continue reading

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