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I Don’t Think So

It’s funny really. I spend a lot of time watching shows about haunted houses. Between horror movies (which I adore) and ghost hunting shows, you’d think I could handle a haunting. But any time I think about that stuff happening … Continue reading

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Mary King’s Close

This week, we’re supposed to chat about a time we went in a haunted house. I’ve done that a few times since I always seek out those things when I travel as well as in my hometown. Since I just … Continue reading

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Haunted Houses

When I saw the topic this week, I did a little, “Uh oh.”  The question was if we’d ever visited a house that was reportedly haunted.  This would be the shortest blog post ever because my answer would be a … Continue reading

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Creepy ‘Locals’

M absolutely creepiest neighbor was a real nut-job in my neighborhood when I was young, and there is a really funny story stemming from him about my father, but the funny part involves food and I said I’d break from … Continue reading

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Guest Fox Stephy Smith

Recalling a Scary Experience By Jeff Salter Rather fittingly (as we approach Halloween), our topic this week is “Who was your creepiest neighbor?” Rather than belabor you with my own tales of childhood’s creepy personalities, I’ve invited Stephy Smith to … Continue reading

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That Neighbor

Are we blogging about neighbors this week? *frown* I don’t think I have actual notes anymore… Ah well, I don’t have creepy neighbors. The people living on one side of me are never home. I mean, I think they have … Continue reading

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Creepy Neighbor – Nope- Done That- How About Idiot Neighbor?

I already told this story about the murderer in the apartment complex so I can’t top that, but one of my recent neighbors used to sit in his garage that faced my house and watch us. He literally pulled out … Continue reading

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Creepy Neighbors

Ooops!  I wrote this earlier and thought I’d posted it.  My bad. For a person who has moved 9 times in a 20 year span, you’d think I’d have my fair share of creepy neighbors to talk about, but alas, … Continue reading

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Well, after Jeff’s very cerebral guest yesterday, I’m sliding us back to a basics…a ‘finish the story’ prompt: A few days after the huge windstorm has blown off the newly-laid roof shingles on her townhouse, she heard the roofers overhead, … Continue reading

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Guest Fox: Lindsay Downs

By Jeff Salter Welcome             I’m delighted to welcome, as today’s Guest Fox, author Lindsay Downs. I no longer recall precisely when or how I met Lindsay, other than we ended up in the FB group for Astraea Press Authors.  … Continue reading

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