Frankly, My Dear…

I would love to sit down for coffee and cigars (him smoking, not me) on the veranda with Rhett Butler. I was always a lover of that bad boy and why, oh why, Scarlett O’Hara wanted old Ashley Wilkes anyway, I never got. I mean really, let’s start out with the fact that he only had eyes for another woman (well-maybe that was it. The challenge- although as we all know, Scarlett could never believe someone would prefer anyone else on the planet over her, but I digress). The second thing wrong with Ashley was his name. Let’s face it, it’s kind of a sissy-boy name, isn’t it? Scarlett called Melanie mealy-mouthed but I always felt Ashley was as well.

All that passion bottled up in Mr. Butler just asking to be unleashed makes my lil ole heart go pitter-patter. I’d like to talk to him about why in the world he was so tenacious in his pursuit of the whiny, self-centered Ms. O’Hara. He was clearly one of those men who could get the attention of any lady he desired- and here we are back to that whole challenge thing- did he want Scarlett for the same reasons she wanted Ashley? Because it was a challenge? Was there really love there or merely the idea of love? On both their parts? What a nasty, nasty little battle that all was.

Margaret Mitchell always said the story was over when Rhett left and that he never went back to Scarlett. I believe that but I’d like to chat with him on how he actually managed after all those years to get that vixen out of his head and his heart to be able to keep away from her when he’d been so unsuccessful in the past. I mean, yeah, she was awful in the end but wasn’t she really awful through the whole thing? What changed? And by that, I mean, why then? Why not sooner?

A mint julep on the porch and a carriage ride wouldn’t be remiss either. Who wouldn’t want to drive through the streets of Atlanta in the 1860s with that charming man on the seat next to her?


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  1. tonettejoyce says:

    I agree that I never understood what the attraction that Ashley was for Scarlett, but I admit to not having read the book; my mother said the movie never did the story, (esp. Scarlett), justice. Maybe it was because Scarlett was so young and Ashley was her first crush…who knows? And I agrees that the biggest puzzler was why Rhett wanted Scarlett, but then, perhaps,I missed something by not taking the opportunity to try to get whatever my mother got out of the book about Scarlett.
    Rhett is too much of a bad-boy for me, so feel free to go on that ride in the carriage with him with no interference from me…but as soon as you get back,I expect a call with all the juicy details!!!


  2. Micki Gibson says:

    Ah, yes. Rhett Butler. I like scoundrels like him and Han Solo. I never got why they went after those uppity women either. But I suppose it’s just like the old HS football star (who generally seems to be a good guy with a few bad boy traits) who is with the high maintenance head cheerleader cliche. I hate to say this out of fear that I’ll have to surrender my born-and-bred Southern gal card, but I really never cared for Scarlett either. There. I said it. Putting the muzzle back on now. 😉


  3. Tonette- I read the book. She was portrayed a bit better there- as in she did what it took to take care of her children (who weren’t in the movie) but she was still a spoiled girl and never really grew much emotionally- she went through hard times and did what she needed to in order to survive, but she didn’t really change like I would’ve liked to see her do- I think the portrayal was realistic, but I didn’t particularly like her.

    I’ll give you the details! I like rascals (in my imagination- not in reality).


  4. jeff salter says:

    Rhett was a man’s man and a ladies’ man.
    He appealed to everybody.
    To the women because he was handsome & sexy.
    To the men, because he was bold and alpha-impulsive.
    Terrific character.
    That said, I think I’d rather sit down & chat with Clark Gable —LOL


    • Well, you know, I’d love to sit down with Clark Gable myself but that was not the subject this week- LOL! He’s real, remember? hehehe.

      And yeah, Mr. Butler was a man who everyone loved or wanted to be, depending on their gender. A really great character.


  5. danicaavet says:

    I’m not a big fan of Gone with the Wind, BUT I didn’t like Ashley either. Or Melanie…okay, or Scarlett. Eh. Whining. I hate the whining. I much preferred Carol Burnett’s rendition of the turning a curtain into a party dress scene anyway.


  6. tonettejoyce says:

    That “I saw it in the window and I couldn’t resist it” is the best line EVER on that show…and probably in the top 5 of all time!


  7. Great post, Jillian! Clark Gable was always my mom’s fave. I am drawn to bad boy Rhett, and I also like the dreamy Ashley, especially his name, which means “man from the ash tree meadow” in Northumbria. When I was little, we had a tree with a split trunk in the back yard that I named Rhett-Ashley. Also, you’ll chuckle at this– in Wytchfae Runes guess who has a walk on part? Clark Gable.


  8. tonettejoyce says:

    I found it tragic.


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