Creepy Neighbor – Nope- Done That- How About Idiot Neighbor?

I already told this story about the murderer in the apartment complex so I can’t top that, but one of my recent neighbors used to sit in his garage that faced my house and watch us. He literally pulled out a lawn chair and watched like it was a movie or something. I told my mom that at least if someone broke in, they’d call the cops. But, no! That didn’t happen.

One day someone kicked in my back door but they were scared off by the alarm and didn’t go in. My son got home and called to ask me why the door was bashed in (yep, my Mensa son) and I told him to get out and call police. When police got there, they questioned the neighbor. He said he’d seen two guys in a black SUV and they played basketball in the driveway for a bit. He said he knew it wasn’t my son or his friends. Gah! Can you believe that? Imbecile didn’t call anyone. Just watched.

He’s moved out now. Thank God.

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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.
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8 Responses to Creepy Neighbor – Nope- Done That- How About Idiot Neighbor?

  1. tonettejoyce says:

    Yeah, Thank God…but I believe it.Busybodies never get involved. I had an older couple that moved in a few doors down,(related to most of the others in this area, like almost everyone else was). They knew everything there was to know; we never made a move that they didn’t know. I to visit them because I heard the man was gravely ill and we discussed how much more traffic there was on our road. I said, yes,I was worried; our oldest son had fallen off of his bike, gotten hurt (and broken his hand); he had to crawl into the ditch while his brother came to get me.They said, yes, they had seen him!!! Care to guess if I cared how sick either one of those two got afterward?


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Wow. This would also make a terrific novel. Hitchcock could make the film.


  3. Stephanie Karfelt says:

    Really, with this kind of story fodder, is there any choice but to become a writer? They played basketball? And those gifted kids! Sheesh. Sometimes I like to watch them put their coats on a hanger, and one I knew used to like to sit in a hot parked car with the windows rolled up. Used to freak me out, I’d keep trying to get him out. Also figured if he kept it up, he wouldn’t remain gifted for long. But no, it had no effect, whipped right through college. Next time I get stuck on a sticky plot, maybe I should try it. I could watch the neighbor’s house while I do it. Hmmm.


    • Yeah, Stephanie. It seems they shot hoops and then one went into the backyard to kick in the door while the other continued to shoot baskets. Wild.

      And yeah, sometimes the common sense is lacking in the gifted. Of course, their mom is gifted too but she has the total package. Lol.

      You should totally watch your neighbor’s house – hopefully it would do something to inspire you. Hehehe.


  4. Micki Gibson says:

    After having lived in Texas, I get the whole sit in your garage thing. Except in Texas, there was usually beer involved and neighbors were often invited to bring their own lawn chairs and have a beer with them. Picture “King of the Hill” with Hank and the gang going, “Yep,” “Mmmm-hmmmm” and whatever it was that Boomhauer always said. You see, the garage probably had a fan and the extension cord wouldn’t reach to the street. Plus there’s shade in the garage. And you’re closer to the beer fridge. As to your idiot neighbor….well, there’s just no explaining some people.


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