Haunted Houses

When I saw the topic this week, I did a little, “Uh oh.”  The question was if we’d ever visited a house that was reportedly haunted.  This would be the shortest blog post ever because my answer would be a quick, “NO!”  Now y’all might have gathered that I talk a big game, but certain things bring out the wuss in me.  I don’t watch scary movies and I don’t even visit staged “haunted houses”.  I don’t think there was some traumatic event that happend to me as a kid at one, but I’ve never found them fun.  It’s just not my thing.  Maybe if I’d actually had a boyfriend in high school who would have taken me to those places just so I’d hold his hand a little tighter or jump into his arms so he could save me from whatever ugly scary thing just freaked the bejeezus out of me, that would be one thing.  But nope.  No boyfriend.  No ugly scary things (aside from a few pimples popping out right before a baton contest).  And no haunted or not-so-haunted houses.

As an adult, I’ve found the real world plenty scary enough (see last week’s blog on my stalker).  I generally blaze through life and while I may act like things don’t faze me, I also don’t purposely seek out things that I know will cause me sleepless nights.  When the Navy hubby is gone, I tend to check all the doors multiple times to make sure they’re locked.  I remind myself that houses make creaky sounds, and I certainly don’t decide that it’s a good time to spend an evening watching horror movies all night long.  But I’ll make an exception for “Ghostbusters.”  One, it’s not a horror movie even though it deals with paranormal out for vengeance and two, it makes me laugh.  Plus Bill Murray pretty much nails the priorities of public servants when he’s trying to convince the mayor on why he should let the Ghostbusters do their thing.  “Lenny….you will have saved the lives of millions of registered voters.”  Enjoy the clip!


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13 Responses to Haunted Houses

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Ghostbusters is one of my fav. movies. All the actors did a terrific job and the spec. effects were also wonderful. When I re-watch it, I always look for the times that Bill Murray and the other guy crack up when delivering their lines. Not sure why that amuses me so much.


  2. Love this movie- lots and lots of quotable material!! Great choice


  3. Lavada Dee says:

    I’m with you on scary movies. It’s been a few years but I used to panic just as I’d get to door when I’d been out on a dark night. Maybe I still would but we have an attached garage. I haven’t watched Ghost Busters but after Jeff’s comment I may give it a try and watch for those times he mentions.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Ghostbusters is great for the catchy tune and that kids get a kick out of it. I prefer my scary with a side of funny and this one provides plenty.


    • jeff7salter says:

      Dan Ackroyd is the one to watch. Usually he’s able to play it straight — like Harold Ramis does — but sometimes he just loses it. Bill Murray smiles his way through the whole movie, so it’s much easier to catch him.


  4. danicaavet says:

    Cats and dogs living together!


  5. Fortunately, one of the best jokes goes over the head of the kids… “the Gate Keeper and the Key Master”.I even had to tell my husband to think about what it meant! Rich Moranis finally got lucky with Sigourney Weaver and never remembered, poor devil. Gotta love Ghost Busters!
    I do a pretty good Jeanine impression from the second one;I can do “Who are you going to call?” verrrrry nasally!
    Micki, keep checking the doors…as I said last week, you have more to fear from live ones.


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