Mary King’s Close

This week, we’re supposed to chat about a time we went in a haunted house. I’ve done that a few times since I always seek out those things when I travel as well as in my hometown. Since I just got back from Scotland, I thought I’d share my story about Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh. It’s supposed to be very haunted. Many people lived and died in the tenements of Old Town Edinburgh over the centuries.

This particular close is supposedly haunted by a little girl and some plague victims as well as some murdered souls. There are stories of ghost sightings and the place has been on various ghost hunting shows who usually find “something”.

We weren’t allowed to take photos down there but did buy a souvenir photo of us in one of the streets underground. See here if you want to see what the closes look like.

I usually have some spiritual experience at these kind of places but this time I only had one little thing. We walked into this one room that felt noticeably cooler to me as soon as we entered. In a few moments, the guide led us toward another room and he said that it was where a lot of sightings of the little girl were. Now, we were underground with no wind and no windows. How was it that this one particular place was colder to me? Hmmm. Something to mull over.


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14 Responses to Mary King’s Close

  1. I have heard of that so often, but that sudden cold only happened to me once. Since we are spiritual beings, anywhere, particularly anywhere in the world with so much history , so many people, (and in Scotland, may I add, so much suffering), you are bound to find…spirits.
    Do you know this story of “The Queen Mum” when she was Queen Consort? I have forgotten the circumstances, but an Irishman walked up and complained to her, saying that his people had suffered greatly under the English and ,considering herself a Scot ,she replied that hers had, too.


  2. jeff salter says:

    I’d be afraid somebody would lock me up in that cellar and toss out the key.


  3. Micki Gibson says:

    Only one little thing? For as much as you have experiences with your many ghost/cemetary tours, I wonder if you weren’t a bit disappointed. Still, I think it’s cool how you love to seek out those kinds of tours and I’m perfectly content to hear all about your paranormal encounters from the safety of a brightly lit coffee shop or lunch spot.


    • Yes, Micki. I was a bit disappointed since one of my friends on twitter said that tour was the most creeped out she’d been in her life and she’s a tour guide.

      Always glad to share the stories. In the daylight. Or cafe light. Lol


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