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Lite Light Tales

You asked the wrong family member to discuss strange/exciting/unusual things that have happened at traffic lights. I don’t have much in the way of stories at a light. Now, my brother had more than a few strange occurrences, (mostly involving … Continue reading

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The World Goes on

… Even When Traffic Stops By Jeff Salter Unlike Micki, I have not had — or can’t remember — any significant experience at a traffic light.  [Hers — see Monday’s post — had to do with a career change, for Heaven’s … Continue reading

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I have no strange incidents at traffic lights. I stop on red, I go on green. Nothing odd there, right? One thing I can think of to share was the time I was at an interstate exit that was backed … Continue reading

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Huh?  What?  It’s Monday?  (Leaps out of bed, rubbing eyes, mumbles incoherently)  For blasted sakes, why didn’t that alarm go off?  Stupid tryptopan coma. Okay, I admit.  I knew it was Monday, but I forgot about the Monday blog.  Throw … Continue reading

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Well, here I am on Tuesday, trying to come up with a Friday post because I looked at the wrong topic…(should have realized we were doing Thanksgiving). Since my out-of-state relatives will be in tomorrow, (and you would not believe … Continue reading

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What I’m Thankful For

                                           … About Writing                                                By Jeff Salter This week’s topic certainly narrows down the traditional list of things I’m truly thankful for (and that IS a long list, indeed).  You might think that focusing solely on the aspects of … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving = Thanks + Giving

Yeah, as one of my law school professors liked to tell some of the students (never me), that title above means I have a “keen sense of the obvious” but no matter how obvious, it is nice to stop and … Continue reading

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