Rut-roh, Mercury Goes Retrograde Again

I’ve known a lot of people who are lunarly affected and I’ve seen enough craziness at the courthouse and in police reports to know that full moon definitely causes issues with people. My paralegal is very affected by the moon phases and I can tell without looking at the sky when it’s getting close to full or new moon time. Full moons make her way more talkative and she sometimes even scratches at the window to get out of the building. It’s interesting to live with.

I never knew about Mercury and its retrograde issues (issues with communication, explanation, negotiation and transportation- three of these are very crucial to lawyers, aren’t they?) until one time a few years ago when I was talking to a group of friends about some issues I’d been having at work. One of them (a new-age gal) said that it was because Mercury was in retrograde. She explained it to me and I brushed it off.

Fast forward a few months. I got into a snarl with a book I had coming out – let’s leave it at that – and I almost pulled the book from the publishing house. Luckily, the editor in chief and I were able to talk it through and it was all smoothed over. I’m grateful because I love her and everyone at that house. The home I’ve found there fits me. I found out though, that all that happened in a Mercury retrograde period.

Fast forward again. I was in a position of leadership in a group and this person whom I thought was a friend kept criticizing everything I did. I finally snapped at her to back off. About 20 minutes later, I sought her out and apologized for losing my temper. She refused to accept my apology and she hasn’t spoken to me to this day. Guess what? Retrograde. Yep.

I could go on but you get the gist. It’s funny, when these things happened in the past, I didn’t even think about Mercury being in retrograde before they occurred but you can bet your bippy that I am now cognizant each time this happens and try to rein myself in. It’s hard for a lawyer to keep her mouth shut but I give it a good effort.

And sadly, the last time Mercury was retrograde during a presidential election was the Gore/Bush fiasco. Rut-roh indeed.

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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.
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9 Responses to Rut-roh, Mercury Goes Retrograde Again

  1. jeff salter says:

    This could explain a lot of stuff.
    I think my mercury has been in retrograde for quite a while now.


  2. Holy Toledo! Something else I have to worry about,(or at least take into account)? That may explain some Jekyll & Hyde mood-swings from some people around here,(myself excluded,of course). I will have to check on Mercury’s schedule.
    (And um, Jillian..a Scooby-Doo reference? See why I use my maiden name???) LOL!


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