Bob Dylan Told Me To Never Name-Drop

Okay, so Bob Dylan never actually gave me that advice.  Ed, a friend of mine who is a musician and has met LOTS of famous people (including Jon Bon Jovi…sigh) has put that as his Facebook status multiple times.  Now, I’ve never actually asked my friend if Bob Dylan really gave him that advice or if it’s just Ed being his usual ironic self.  I don’t ask because everyone knows I’m gullible and true or not, the answer is going to be a smartass one anyhow.

I think I’ve mentioned here on the blog how my college friend David Bergman is the tour photographer for Bon Jovi, as well as a sports photographer and has had his photos make the cover of Sports Illustrated.  Maybe he isn’t famous, but his photos are.  He is known for his gigapan at Obama’s inauguration.  Made CNN Headline news with that one.  Other cool fact…David and my friend Ed are good friends with each other as they were both in the percussion section at Miami.  See?  Being a band geek is a good thing!

Speaking of college friends who are famous…If you have kids in the Disney Channel’s target demographic, you’ve probably heard of “The Wizards of Waverly Place.”  And while Selena Gomez (who I have not met) is the “big” name from that show.  Ignore that one of Dom DeLuise’s sons plays the dad.  (Unless you’ve let your kids watch some inappropriate Mel Brooks movies, they have no clue who Dom is.)  I have never met Selena, Dom, any of his sons, nor Mel, but I used to touch Maria Canals-Barrera’s mail nearly every day.  Maria plays the mom on the show and she lived in my dorm.  No, I wasn’t some psycho stalker.  I worked at the front desk and handled everyone’s mail.  I lived on the second floor of our dorm, Maria on the fourth.  I didn’t know her that well, but she was an upperclassman living in a mostly freshman dorm.  Perhaps she remembers me.  Perhaps she doesn’t.  Either way, my kids think it’s pretty cool.

But I’m leaving out a cool group of other famous people I know or have met.  And those are my fellow authors.  I struggle not to have my fangirl moments at RWA, but this is an amazing circle of people who I am humbled to be a part of.  So cheers to all you guys and gals toiling away at your next novel!  You’re all famous in my book.  I’ll happily blab your name even if Bob Dylan doesn’t think I should.


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6 Responses to Bob Dylan Told Me To Never Name-Drop

  1. LOVE that quote of your friend’s! Jon Bongiovi…sigh! But I digress.
    Too bad you never saw the fun stuff with Dom DeLuise when he was younger, many moons ago.WAAAAAAY back when I was young,, there were a lot of ‘variety’ shows on, with singers, comics, skits, etc.The ones with the biggest stars would go off for the Summer and open their time-slots to up-and-comers…Dom DeLuise was one.(I think he took over Dean Martin’s time slot).His show featured his actress wife with other funny people and guests.I remember,
    ( although I must have been about 13), in one skit Dom was supposed to be in the jungle somewhere and a witch doctor got him.The end of the skit showed a darling fat little baby dressed in Dom’s safari outfit,(supposedly the witch doctor had turned Dom into a baby). At the end of the show, Dom brought the baby out; it was his son. That was his FIRST son;I just looked it up, David is the THIRD son…guess how old I feel now?


  2. cool post. Love that you were the mail-handler. There’s a story there somewhere.


  3. jeff salter says:

    As I recall my brief exposure to Waverly Place, that mom is pretty foxy.
    The dad — Delouise — also does dog food commercials, I think.


  4. Dom is no longer with us, Jeff


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