I have no strange incidents at traffic lights. I stop on red, I go on green. Nothing odd there, right?

One thing I can think of to share was the time I was at an interstate exit that was backed up onto the freeway and my old high school boyfriend who, at the time, was a city policeman (yes, he was a motorcycle officer and yes, he looked smashing in the boots and breeches) came over to my window and chatted me up while his partner directed traffic. We had a nice chat about the laws of how far cars could legally be backed up onto an interstate. He had to move on pretty quickly but it was a nice little visit with the man who broke my heart in the past.

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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.
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14 Responses to Hmmm…

  1. Now, you stole part of my post.There is SOMETHING about those motorcycle cops and I don’t just mean Eric Estrada!


  2. Micki Gibson says:

    Stop on red, go on green…unless you’re in Miami. In Miami, yellow means floor it, red means pray there aren’t any cops around when you go through, and green means wait until all the red light runners are through in which case your light is now yellow and you’d better floor it before you get beeped at too much. Now you understand the origins of my traffic light impatience. Have fun and stay safe on the roads. It’s crazy out there today! πŸ™‚


    • Actually, Micki, as you should know, yellow here in Pensacola means the same thing- speed up and get through the light and green means wait a second so the people running the red light from the other direction can get through the intersection.


  3. Laurie Ryan says:

    We are a community increasingly besieged by red-light cameras. There’s got to be some sort of rights issue there. I personally don’t mind because I rarely push the limits at lights. I always think that brings me good traffic karma until I remember the guy behind me who was hoping to beat the red light. Sigh. There’s just no pleasing everyone. lol


    • I agree. I’ve sometimes had to go through a light because the guy behind me wasn’t about to stop. We had cameras too but they’ve been removed from some areas since the car is the one pinged and not the driver. If you loaned your car and the person ran a light, the ticket went to the car, not the driver. People were up in arms.


  4. love the boots. they look so manly and masterful!!


  5. Iris says:

    Love the story about the police officer chatting you up …. I hope you will add that in a book one day πŸ™‚

    In Melbourne we have something called a hook turn. You still stop at red, go at green, but a hook-turn-intersection when you want to turn right, you will need to do it from the left lane. At the green light you move forward to the far left side of the intersection, keeping clear of the pedestrian crossing. Once the lights of the road you are turning into have changed to green, then turn right.
    Got that?
    It goes without saying that I’ve avoided those turns like plague πŸ˜‰


  6. jeff salter says:

    Hook Turn would be a great title … for something.
    So, Jillian, were those boots made for walking?


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