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Thankful to My Peeps

It’s not just Thursday or today or this week or even this whole month, but every day I am thankful for my writing peeps.  I am thankful for my fellow Foxes and the Hound.  Every week, I’m forced (in a good … Continue reading

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Good Actor, But No Oscar

We’re talking about famous people we have met, or seen, in person…in the interest of a good story, I will tell  my most embarrassing celeb encounter. Without going into too much detail, the year 2000 was not good for us, … Continue reading

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Famous People

…Whom I’ve Known, Met, or Seen in Person By Jeff Salter Well, I’m not normally a name-dropper, but I have had quite a few brushes – though some rather distant – with famous people.  There’s insufficient space here for a … Continue reading

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The Inhuman Human?

This person is famous but I really don’t get why and since I was in the same area as him at LaGuardia Airport when he was acting like a crazed lion pacing his cage, I don’t plan to even try … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan Told Me To Never Name-Drop

Okay, so Bob Dylan never actually gave me that advice.  Ed, a friend of mine who is a musician and has met LOTS of famous people (including Jon Bon Jovi…sigh) has put that as his Facebook status multiple times.  Now, I’ve … Continue reading

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Procrastination Where did it come from in my life? I never liked to have pressure. I used to do my homework right away, starting on Friday evening and finishing on Saturday morning even if I had no weekend plans. And … Continue reading

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Special Guest Charles A Salter

Guest Author (and My Brother) By Jeff Salter I’ve hosted nearly 20 Guest Foxes during the 93 weeks we’ve had Four Foxes One Hound up-and-running, but this week it’s a special treat to host author Charles A. Salter.  Not only … Continue reading

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