My Husband Made Me Cry on Christmas

This week’s topic is about our favorite adult toys.

(Awkward silence.)

Wait, I meant favorite toys we got as adults, and…(blushes)….this is so not coming out right.  I mean gifts we got as adults at Christmas time.  Presents you can open in front of your kids and parents and not have to deal with weird questions.

(Hmmm, maybe I should retitle this “Adult Toys” and then I bet we’d get a ton of hits on the blog.  But then we’ve got to deal with spam and really, who wants that?)

Anyhow, before met our Tuesday Fox, Jillian Chantal and later joined this blog, I had written a Facebook note about my most memorable Christmas gift.  And rather than retelling you and possibly forgetting the details of how I felt, I copied and pasted it here, just as it was written three years ago.  Enjoy!

Boy, did my husband really do it this time.  He made me cry on Christmas.  Not just once.  Not twice.  But three times, and the day’s not over so he just might do it again.  In all fairness to the guy, I suppose I should tell you it’s the good, overwhelmed by emotion kind of cry.  The kind that sneaks up on you and still surprises you even when you suspect it.  Kind of like the spooky music in a horror movie, but in a good way.

You see, my husband got me a laptop for Christmas.  My own.  And I have no clue as to how much it cost, but the monetary amount means nothing to me.  Well, okay, it does mean something, but that’s not what got to me.  He’d even mentioned possibly getting me one a while back for Christmas, so it’s not like it was a surprise.  But yet it still was.  The thing that got to me was that by merely suggesting that he was considering one for me said (to me at least) that he takes my writing seriously.  I’m not published yet.  Don’t even have an agent.  Have lots of rejection letters though, but still, this one gift of his said so much.  It said, “I value what’s important to you.  I believe in you.  It’s important to you, so it’s important to me.  I want to help make your dreams come true.”  And it said so much more.  It said that even when I doubt myself, there’s someone out there who’s on my side and thinks I should keep going and that they’ll be there to pick me up when I’m down.

I’m immediately reminded of all those MasterCard priceless commercials.  Laptop, wireless mouse, laptop case, other accessories…X amount of dollars.  Knowing that your husband really loves you and helps you chase your crazy dreams…Priceless.  (Boy, do I wish I was the marketing genius who came up with that slogan.)  Even when he tries to play down how much he rocked it this year by saying, “Hey, I just want my computer back,” he knows he scored a touchdown on that play.  (Yeah, I know “hitting it out of the ballpark” would be the better sports cliche’ but hey, we’re football fans.)

This will be one of those presents that I’ll always remember.  Years later, I may not be able to tell you the exact year.  I may not remember the make and model.  I may not remember how much he spent on it (if I ever find out).  He may even get me a new laptop again for Christmas 5-10 years down the road, but I’ll never forget what his gift meant.  Even when he makes me cry on Christmas.

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10 Responses to My Husband Made Me Cry on Christmas

  1. That’s a beautiful story! Sometimes those guys just surprise the heck out of us, don’t they! Don’t give up with the agent thing, it’s a tough world.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Yes, those loveable lugs do manage to surprise us every once in a while, and it is totally worth the wait for when it happens. Haven’t given up on the agent thing, but I need to get my rear back in gear with my writing so I’d have something worth submitting. (The original completed MS is a complete mess right now.)


  2. Laurie Ryan says:

    Ahhhh, what a sweet guy! It makes it all worth it when your significant other believes in you, doesn’t it? Mine is just as supportive and I’m SO grateful.


  3. jeff7salter says:

    Terrific story, Micki. And beautifully written. Yeah, that’s EXTREMELY important … having a mate who believe you can do it.
    And, LOL, very funny beginning to the column.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Thanks, Jeff! He is very supportive, and I’ve needed that, especially when the “I suck” moments kick in.
      As for that beginning, I couldn’t help myself. The topic list had adult toys and I went there. Sort of. But not really. (Giggling)


  4. OMG; you about made ME cry. That’s great, that’s wonderful, that’s ….(sniffle)…(sniffle)…(tearing up here.)
    Nothing like someone showing confidence in you; that maybe THE most heart-warming story I hear all season.
    Thanks for spreading the warmth.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      I think I cried when I wrote it. My daughter teased me because I had teased her about a month earlier when we first got her a phone. She had the happy tears, so it apparently runs in our family. But even three years later, he is still just as supportive even though I’ve had a major case of writer’s block.


  5. Your husband is a superstar man and he loves you very very much. You are blessed my dear friend.


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