The COLD Truth


I love, love winter. I know, I live in Florida but it’s true. I adore, adore cold weather. I lived many of my formative years right outside Washington D.C. and there are truly changes of scenery there. We had nice fall color changes and snow days, the thing kids love the most. Yes, in Florida, we had hurricane days but those are NOT nearly as fun. I mean, really, if you had a choice between making snow angels, skating on the frozen pond behind the house, and sledding downhill versus sweating, dragging downed tree limbs (and maybe sawing up a fallen very large tree) and sitting in the dark with no electricity, which would you pick? Can you say “no brainer?”

Maybe I like winter so much because I was born in this season.

I was lucky enough to spend some time in England and Scotland earlier this year and it was quite brisk there. I was eating it up. Now, here, where I live, this week, it’s 70s and humid and muggy and generally blech. Merry Christmas from the land of heat waves- it’s enough to make a person into a grinch. Almost.


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11 Responses to The COLD Truth

  1. Iris says:

    I agree, Jillian. I love Winter as well. The ‘stereotype’ winter, snow, slight breeze and blue sky ;-). I miss the European Winter and many of my friends think I’m mad for it. But I suppose if I had to get up again 1/2 hour earlier to shuffle snow and find my car I’d be re-considering my love for Winter .


  2. Micki Gibson says:

    Now if you’re talking the snow angels, hot chocolate with a little sumpin’ sumpin’ in it, and sitting next to a hot fire and a hot body, I could deal with winter. But all that getting up a half hour early just to shovel snow, heat your car, de-ice your windows kind of winter? You can keep it. But I suppose that’s the Floridian in me that never gets to play in the fun part of winter.


  3. You can have the cold weather. I’ll happily take warm, humid winters. Maybe because I grew up in Birmingham, AL, and never experienced REAL cold weather with lots of snow. Here I can turn on the air conditioner and light a fire in the fireplace… Nothing makes me a Grinch! Merry Christmas!


  4. jeff7salter says:

    Now that I’m retired and don’t have to rush off every weekday morning at 6 am., I don’t mind winter weather as much. But when I had to do all the windshield & window clearing — sometimes hard scraping — just to get moderate visibility at 6 a.m. (in the DARK), I grumbled constantly.
    For the most part, these days, the only day I have to be up and OUT fairly early is Sundays … but it’s a lot easier dealing with all that car stuff at 9:30 than it was at 6 a.m.


  5. I ran into a fellow DC Ex-patriot today; she’s from Chevy Chase; and her name is Joyce;coincidence? I think not!
    I missed the Fall colors after living out west, but they are nowhere near as bright here in Kentucky as they were in Maryland and Virginia.
    Ahh! The snow days in DC! Those were fun when we were kids; the roads were not when we were older.Take heart that at least you don’t have the ice storms we had there and have worse here.


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