Everything Old is New Again

Yep. Tis that time of year for the disease I call resolutionitis. Every year, people make these vows to change the old habits and make new ones. Sadly, most everyone I know fails within the first few weeks. Old habits are hard to break and try as we might, it’s very often hard to take on new ones and make them last.

Many years ago I decided never to make a New Year’s resolution again since I was only setting myself up for failure anyway. I do, from time to time, try new things and sometimes they even take root but I don’t try to make it happen only once a year and I sure don’t formalize it. I’m a rebel. It’s how I roll.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. Good luck if you make resolutions- you’re going to have to be strong to succeed!


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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.
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12 Responses to Everything Old is New Again

  1. Happy New Year,Jillian.I pray you have support and success, health and happiness, peace and prosperity in the coming year!


  2. Iris B says:

    Happy New Year, Jillian.


  3. jeff7salter says:

    Hope your new year brings wonderful things to you, your family, your business, and your writing, Jillian. Just “resolve” to do what you can do.
    I’m pretty much resolved not to make resolutions either.


  4. Laurie Ryan says:

    I’m not calling them resolutions this year. I’m calling them goals. Think that will help? lol


  5. PJ says:

    I’m the same way. The only “resolution” I make is to keep up what’s already working. I don’t like to set myself up for failure, either.


  6. Micki Gibson says:

    I apparently suffer from resolutioniitis, but it doesn’t bother me too much when it flares up every year. Sometimes I even get a case of it multiple times during the year, but thanks to friends like you, I don’t “suffer” from any side effects of resolutionitis.


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