For years I looked forward to a new year, always hoping for an end to some old problems and the beginning of new happiness. Alas, no matter how promising, for too long the bad stayed bad,(or even had moments of being worse), and the new was never as outstanding as I had dreamed.
But this past year sprang forth with many blossoms, and some even bore fruit.
(Man, that is one bad metaphor!
Now I’m stuck. I meant for it to lead into being here, at this blog. If I say “One of the blossoms that bore fruit is  this blog “, then I’m calling everyone here fruits; that is not good, nor accurate; although some of us are probably nuts.)

After finding an interview with a favorite writer on another blog, I ‘fell in’ with the lovely young writer,Bethany Averie, who did the interview. She, in turn, introduced me to the Hound, Jeff, who introduced me to this blog and the Foxes some time back. This past Summer,when Lynn-the-Fox ‘hit the big-time’ by getting book contracts and a slot fell open, Jillian asked me to step in… and I have loved every minute of it here.

Micki gave me a writing prompt which became a story ready to go out in submission. I’ve made a lot of new friends, including our new Fox,Iris. I have an article that is promised to be in a national magazine.
(Yes, still, for those who know of it; the editor is taking her time getting the glossy out).I wrote a play, which has been submitted to several theater groups. I also started my own food and entertaining blog: Tonette Joyce, Food, Friends, Family, here on WordPress:

It has had a slow start, but I am working on it. FFF is the answer to one of my dilemmas; how do I encourage people in confidence to be able to cook and entertain, when only celebrities are getting such books published? The answer: Blog, and between here and FFF,I have met an incredible amount of  people, writers, foodies, photographers and …and …and there is no end to the diversity of people world-wide, ready to have fun, to be informative and to be encouraging. Reading, following, devouring other people’s blogs is fascinating.I now have acquaintances around the globe.(Even 4F,1H is now international,with Iris in Australia).

Although I have had a few setbacks physically, this past year several other  stresses lightened in the home-front. A few that really had me on tethers continually for some time have moderated; it’s nearly a miracle. I am still waiting for THE miracle I need for true peace, but it has been a load off, I can tell you.

So, it’s up to 2013! May it flower forth for you and bear (…oh nuts! You know what I mean!)

Have a great and productive year!

(Any fruit from this year or last you’d like to share?)


About Tonette Joyce

Tonette was a once-fledgling lyricists-bookkeeper, turned cook/baker/restaurateur and is now exploring different writing venues,(with a stage play recently completed). She has had poetry and nonfiction articles published in the last few years. Tonette has been married to her only serious boyfriend for more than thirty years and she is, as one person described her, family-oriented almost to a fault. Never mind how others have described her, she is,(shall we say), a sometime traditionalist of eclectic tastes.She has another blog : "Tonette Joyce:Food,Friends,Family" here at WordPress.She and guests share tips and recipes for easy entertaining and helps people to be ready for almost anything.
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19 Responses to Fruit

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Nuts, fruits, sweets — yeah, all are good.
    Since I’ve had to drop gluten, I’ve had to rely a lot more on fruits that I ever used to. Now, nearly every day I eat a banana and I have an apple appox. every other day (on average).
    Of course, I continue my FDA recommended daily allowance of chocolate : 6 oz.
    And more caffeine that I should … but I have to keep my brain awake for at least a FEW hours each day.
    And, yeah, we’ve had a higher turnover here at 4F1H than I would have imagined. Before you (Tonette) took Lynn’s Friday spot, Micki came on board at Daisy Harris’ Monday spot. So, actually, the only remaining ‘originals’ — I love that word because it makes me feel like a pioneer or something — are Jillian (Founding Fox) and me (the Thursday Hound).
    But it’s prob. healthy for a group blog to see new faces now-and-then … even if we miss those who have moved on.


  2. I understand that there is always a feeling of ‘loss’ when originals leave…shoot, I just had a discussion on Facebook about the Rolling Stones.Someone said that Ron Wood was getting married and I said,as far as I’m concerned, HE’S the ‘new guy’.(He took over for Brian Jones well over 40 years ago).
    I wish all the Foxes before me the best,and I hope that is why they left.I know that Lynn is busy and successful; I know that Danica has more irons in the fire,(and a hot fire it has become!)
    To quickly change the subject, we love fruit here. The grandkids will eat more fruit than vegetables and often will pick fruit before goodies. We still wait all year for the best plums and clementines, bosc pears …and good grapes. We can get almost all fruits year ’round now with the South American imports, but some just don’t pass the muster.Probably because they have to cultivate the types that withstand the most shipping and handling, plus, they need to pick them under-ripe.
    And , thanks;it’s nice for this old face to be considered a ‘new’ face!


    • jeff7salter says:

      I’ve noticed the apples I’ve bought in Dec. have a bit of greenish discoloration inside around the core. Doesn’t really taste bad, but my GUESS is that it’s because they were exposed to cold temperatures for too long.
      What’s your opinion?


      • The apples were picked too green, Jeff. I had a chapter ready for my book about picking fruit and vegetables,(at the store).I guess I’ll have to blog about it.
        FYI, when you go to pick out apples, the ones in bags are almost always those that were picked under-ripe; they are usually hard and bitter. Whatever type of apple you prefer, pick them up,and give them a squeeze. Most types should be firm, but not rock-hard.While it’s in your hand, twist your wrist and look at the underside.If you want sweet apples ,pick the ones that have the predominant color close to where the blossom had been. It is especially obvious with red apples, but look for the darkest color there. You’ll be amazed at the difference in taste.


      • jeff7salter says:

        I never buy bagged apples. I always examine each one and look for pleasing uniform color. Especially I look for dings, and bruises — and, of course, those are rejected.


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  4. Great metaphor and I don’t know how you pack so much into your days!


  5. Micki Gibson says:

    Hey, I figure I’m practically a granola bar…a little fruity, a little nutty, sometimes flaky, but generally sweet (or at least I try to be.) It’s interesting the paths our lives take. While I’d like to think I’d like to be on that direct path, I’m easily distracted by all that life has to offer. Glad you’re with us, Tonette!


  6. Iris B says:

    Slow and steady wins the race my friend always says – and I believe she’s right. Your food blog looks great and I’m sure will hit it off soon.
    As for fruit … t’is is the season. Over the last few days while on holidays we ate heaps, a little snack after a dip in the pool and instead of sweets. It was too hot for that. We have all sorts of fruit around when on specials: w’melon, apples, bananas, mangos (when on special), kiwis ….

    As for 2013 – I wish you all the best and that all “your new” will be as outstanding as I dreamed. Fingers crossed!


    • Thanks,Iris; nice support indeed.I just have to knuckle-down, as they say.
      We eat a great deal of fruit here…and I cook with it.(I have banana-nut bread in the oven as I speak, which I make way to much of, but everyone loves it.) T’is the season for baking , here!
      Can you believe that my sister will eat almost no fruit? We have so little in common!
      Fingers crossed…thanks again.


      • Iris B says:

        yes, I can believe that. DH doesn’t touch fruit either …. 😦 Love banana cake (I assume it’s the same as your nut bread), but I haven’t done one yet. I’m kinda useless in the kitchen. LOL. I even burn water. *sigh*


      • Banana bread is dense and is a ‘tea bread’,Iris. Oh, no, You don’t cook? Come over to Food,Friend, Family if you have any interest.I put my fancy-work aside to teach people that they CAN cook…but,of course, life seems to be working for you without it. You don’t seem intimated!


  7. A very fruitful year for you- I hope 2013 surpasses 2012 with many more successes.


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