Strangers on a Train

When Iris spoke yesterday about her conversation in England with a stranger and they spoke about the weather, it reminded me of a friend/colleague who struck up a conversation with a stranger on a train. This is not really my story to tell but I wanted to share it because I think it’s super romantic and after all, I sometimes write romantic stories (<g>). I have one that takes place on a train in the 1920s planned for someday (I’ve even bought some research books on the old luxury trains from days gone by to get ready to write that one).

Anyway, this friend I know was engaged to the daughter of a prominent citizen in his hometown. He broke it off for good reasons and basically left that town (not on a rail) for a while to let things simmer down. He went to Europe and traveled the various countries by rail. He met an Israeli girl on one of these trains and they fell madly in love.

They married and had two beautiful daughters. He loved and adored that woman he met like no one I’ve ever known. He was a tough as nails litigator and could intimidate any mortal but when he talked about his wife, his whole countenance changed- you could tell he loved her like crazy. I hadn’t known him long when he first told me about falling in love with a stranger on a train. He’d gone to Europe to nurse a broken heart and found the love of his life. I thought he was the most romantic man I ever knew to share  this story with me, whom he barely knew.

Sadly, she passed away from cancer and he has been raising his children alone. They are wonderful girls and he’s a spectacular father. AND a romantic man whom I hope will find love again someday.Italy trip 270


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18 Responses to Strangers on a Train

  1. A sad, yet wonderful story, Jillian. Thanks for sharing it! Shows that sometimes one can find love where they least expect it. And it’s also a great plot for a book. lol


  2. Laurie Ryan says:

    Ahhh, Real-life loves tories like this are amazing. I’m so sorry it ended so quickly, but to have that time and those feelings…well, that’s why I write romace. I believe in exactly that kind of kismet.


  3. jeff7salter says:

    beautiful story, Jillian. And it gives me an idea for what I can post on Hound Day this week.


  4. Wow, what a fabulous story; truth IS stranger than fiction,(unless it’s sci-fi, but I digress). It is always good to know that there is real romance out there.People’s stories should be told and they are being lost , even in families.This one is kept alive and now is warming more hearts.Thank you,Jillian.
    (Jeff, you know I’ll be waiting.I hope Micki’s is lighter or the pressure will be on me.)


  5. Paula Martin says:

    Lovely story but so sad too.


  6. I believe in second chances… And happily ever afters.


  7. Micki Gibson says:

    Sad, but beautiful story. And a love like that truly lives on.


  8. Iris B says:

    I love the story, but so sad she passed on so early in life. Sometimes life is so much better than any books. I hope his children will tell their story to their children as well!
    See … sometimes it pays to travel 😉


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