Two Big Days in One and Then My Big Day

So, yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as well as Inauguration Day for our president. I liked the symmetry of the dream of Mr. King and the fact that we had a bi-racial president sworn in on his holiday. So, maybe, just maybe that dream Mr. King can still come true. We’re a lot closer to it now than we were in his day but we still have a way to go in my opinion. Being judged on the content of ones character should apply to all races, right?

Today is release day for me for my latest book – it’s called Doctor, Lover, Baronet and is a traditional contemporary romance. I started it in 2009 and thought it would always be one of those “under the bed” books that would never see the light of day. I kept messing around with it and finally submitted it.  Who knows, I may find that that keeping it hidden away in the dark would’ve been better than letting it out into the wild. LOL!  Buy link 



Donya Spencer, a busy art gallery manager in London, finds herself battling double vision and dizziness. She doesn’t have time to be ill and finds herself battling the national health care system for months. When she finally gets to see a specialist, she finds the man to be sexy, handsome, and very much her type. Knowing there can be no relationship due to medical ethics, she tries to resist his charming manner.

Colin Knight is the heir to a baronetcy whose father is pressuring him to marry and have children. This is an impossible task for Colin. He’s also a neurosurgeon who hasn’t opened his heart to love since the death of his young girlfriend many years ago. He works hard at the career he pursues relentlessly in an effort to somehow atone for the accident that killed his love. He meets Donya, and the comfortable bachelor life he’s made for himself is turned upside down.


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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.
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10 Responses to Two Big Days in One and Then My Big Day

  1. Four years ago I got a call out of nowhere from an old friend who lives in Canada.She had gone to school with my sister when we lived in the Washington, DC suburbs and was a regular fixture around our house for a couple of years,(she even came down and visited and sent her father with presents, but I digress).
    She said,”Would you ever have believed we’d come so far?” , and told me that her father had been recalled to Canada right when Dr.King was slated to give his “I had a dream” speak in DC. Her mother insisted that they pack quickly and leave a week early because she feared violence.It had come full circle to our friend with the inauguration of Mr.Obama.
    And WOW! Congrats! You never know, huh? I guess we shouldn’t sit on anything; I will have to get things sitting around here out in the mail! I hope it does beautifully,(even if you pictured the doctor differently!)


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Congratulations on the new release, Jillian. Sounds like an interesting premise.
    Any plans for a TV movie?


  3. Iris B says:

    Congratulations on the release. Sounds like a great story … and set in London, perfect read for me 😉 I’m sure the book will do great!


  4. Micki Gibson says:

    Happy Release Day (even though I’m a day late). I think you alone are responsible for half the books in my To Be Read pile/queue, but I’m so happy for you and your success!


  5. Laurie Ryan says:

    I’m at least a day late here, but thought I’d make Micki look not as tardy as me. 🙂 Monday was a good day. And I’m happy for you getting this story out there. Makes me want to dust off one in particular that’s under MY bed. Congratulations!


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