MLK Day and then some

I considered titling this “Slacker Monday”, but then figured that might confuse everyone since this is Wednesday.  But I was a slacker in terms of “celebrating” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  I didn’t go to the parades.  I didn’t watch the presidential inauguration.  I didn’t do any holidayish activities.  I did what I normally do when my kids have a day off from school and extra activities are cancelled…I got stuff done and I stayed off Facebook.

Ah, yes.  Facebook.  I alternately curse and worship Facebook.  In the beginning, I was pretty free about what I posted.  Most of my FB friends were either high school or college friends…people who get what my life is like these days.  This was also back when MySpace was still alive and kicking.  Then I got a request from a former student.  A cool one, but still, I recognized that if I opened it to that one, I was opening it to others.  This was back when I had just started writing, and this former student was close enough to my primary target audience, someone whose opinion I valued and had the potential to help get the word out about my book should it ever see the light of day.  So I said yes.  Other students followed, and then family members, other writers, and ultimately…my mother.  Trust me, I don’t post nearly as often and certainly not as “flamboyantly” as I used to.  I go through a mental checklist about everyone who will potentially see this and how many of them do I really want to piss off?  I even get as far as typing out a rant and hovering over that enter key or whatever button will send it out for the world to see before my fingers shift to the delete key.

So what does MLK Day, Inauguration Day, and Facebook and my upcoming rant have to do with each other?  Because of how many people kept posting on Facebook about how history was being made with Obama being inaugurated on MLK Day.  First of all, history was made FOUR YEARS ago.  Second, I HATED the whole political season.  I was disgusted with both candidates.  Third, why waste more money that our government doesn’t have to waste on a bunch of big ol’ parties for a second time around.  I thought the same in 1984 with Reagan, in 1996 with Clinton, and in 2004 with Bush, so it has nothing to do with political affiliation.  Here in America, teen girls tend to make a big deal about their 16th birthday.  Do we go to the same lengths for when they turn 32?  I mean if it’s Sweet Sixteen, shouldn’t we double up the sweetness for 32?  No, we don’t.  My feeling is, “Hey, you got voted in.  You get a big party the first time around.  You get voted in again?  Get your butt to work and do all that stuff you said you’d do the first time!”  Or as the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld might say, “No party for you!”

Yes, I should probably switch to decaf, but someone could get hurt if that happened.  My point is, while I may not “celebrate” MLK Day with a bunch of fanfare, I acknowledge and respect the historical significance of Dr. MLK Jr.’s contributions to society.   And I certainly don’t need Facebook world to tell me how to honor it! But if there’s cake, pass me a piece.


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7 Responses to MLK Day and then some

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Well, I don’t have any former students on FB, since I was never a teacher, but I have run across someone who was a child in a Sun. Sch. class I helped in some 40 yrs ago. And I’m FB friends with some of the kids who were good friends of our childrenwhen they were younger.
    I hardly ever stray into commenting about politics or religion because it seems people are just way too eager to jump on anything that they have any chance of misinterpreting.
    Heck, one time I made a very innocent observation about how difficult it might be for a Briton to drive a British car on American interstates … noting that all the ramps and exits and everything are geared for our left-side-drivers. Well somebody managed to be offended at my comment and responded, quite acidly, “I don’t find any humor in ridiculing an entire nation … and some of my best friends are Britons.”
    Well, good grief.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Some folks just want to get offended at everything. I either have a pretty strong clueless gene or I let a lot of stuff roll right off me. But I know I have those topics/people that will set me off and I probably tend to take everything they say the wrong way. Hopefully, those are few and far between.


  2. Yep, a big party should be a no-no for term two especially when the money is needed elsewhere.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Yeah! Where was our big party when you and I were re-elected for board positions with that group which shall not be named? Come to think of it, where was our first big party?


  3. I agree…(never thought of the ‘Sweet 32’ angle Micki!) I mean, you don’t even get a shower for a second baby!
    And yeah, I try not to get too political,but I will say that I agree….not happy with the choices; as someone ,(was it George Carlin, with whom I am not always happy, either) ,said: “We have over 50 candidates for Miss America and only two for President?”
    I now have TWO FB’s…one for the overly political, the ‘Repost this if you are not ashamed of Jesus” people and the what I call ‘people collectors’:People you barely know who want to friend everyone in sight.I barely spend time there, but I am on the one with the people I want to see, daily…at least,I want to hear from them most of the time…and then I hit “Hide post” when they go overboard.
    I don’t know why people go over-the-edge and need to criticize all the time, Micki.I just heard of a food-blogger who closed down her FB because she was continually attacked because she often talked about ‘healthier’ alternatives. Sheesh.
    Have a happy rest-of-the-week!


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Love that “50 candidates for Miss America and two for president” comparison. And I hear you on the “repost if…”. There are times that I would consider it, but I pretty much have a standing rule that I don’t do the reposts and chain letter type posts. I suppose it’s the facebook equivalent of being on the “Do Not Call” list. Thanks, but no thanks.


  4. Iris B says:

    Dont get mad that I focus on the un-important part …. but I LOVE it when someone can quote Seinfeld. I’m having a ball with that 🙂
    As for the US politics …
    As for FB … I know, I’ve got so many people on there nowadays, that my postings are more or less relating to my books or something I don’t mind the world to know. But that’s rare, cos I do keep private private … as much as I can anyway! Having a relaxing day is my kinda way to spend a nice day off, too.


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