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Did Somebody Mention Food?

Um … Did Somebody Mention Food? By Jeff Salter We sometimes have blogging weeks where I’m totally lost … as in this one, when the Foxes are talking about kitchen skills and such. My lack of culinary talents are well-known, … Continue reading

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Character Cooking

No, I haven’t thrown any characters into a vat of boiling water or acid trying to turn them into superheroes.  I mean how much my characters cook in my novels.  Which is to say very little.  My characters are mostly … Continue reading

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Lisa’s Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

My dear friend from high school, Lisa Gaylord Everett, is a superstar friend and I love her dearly. Not only is she fun to be around and a true and loyal person, she can cook!! Here’s her easy peasy, yummy … Continue reading

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“Smørrebrød, Smørrebrød …”

“Cream cheese, smoked salmon, lemon, onions, capers?” “Delete capers. Run program.” Kathy Reichs, Deadly Decisions Cooking is on the menu this week. Well, you won’t learn much from my post, because the kitchen is more or less one of my … Continue reading

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We been discussing conventions, contests and awards, and being that this blog is basically a writers’ blog, my minds my mind went straight to writer’s conventions, contests and awards. I have never been to a writer’s convention, at least not … Continue reading

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Contests and Conferences, Oh My

By Jeff Salter We’re blogging about contests and conferences this week, and I’ve done plenty of both.  Some in the context of writing and some not.  Some good and some bad. For a look at my comments about years of … Continue reading

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Conference Junkies Anonymous

Hi.  My name is Micki and I’m a conference junkie. Hello, Micki.  (Must be said in monotone chorus by fellow junkies.) Who are we kidding?  There’d be nothing anonymous or monotonous about our meetings.  Chances are we conference junkies would … Continue reading

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Writing Contests are NOT My Thing

When I first started the endeavor to be published, I entered a few contests with two different manuscripts. I ended up stopping because I noticed a pattern in the judging of them. When the judges were published writers, I got … Continue reading

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A post about nothing

“I hate mornings. They start so early.” ― Janet Evanovich, Plum Spooky Brace yourself for a rather uneventful post today – theme is: Conferences, Contests, and Conventions. May I use the term “I draw a blank”. Absolutely! I’m as mute … Continue reading

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Phil’ed With the Spirit of Spring

Here we are with what I hear was supposed to be a ‘free’ week, but it has been one that has cried out for attention every day…until today. The beginning of the  week enlightening us on the German pre-Lenten fun … Continue reading

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