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Valen-Who’s Day?

My Heart’s in the Right Place By Jeff Salter We actually had a free spot this week, but since Hound Day landed right smack dab on Valentine’s Day I don’t have much choice but to address it. Val Day, 2011 … Continue reading

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Time to Get My Ash in Gear

Whoa!  Part of my post disappeared.  I hope it comes through.  Don’t want to have to re-edit a THIRD time! Happy Ash Wednesday! Do you say “Happy Ash Wednesday”?  What exactly is Ash Wednesday?  And why is it called Ash … Continue reading

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Fat Tuesday!

Today is Fat Tuesday- or Mardi Gras- it’s a last hurrah before Lent starts tomorrow. I’ve been in three Krewes and I love the parading and balls that come with the season. I’m not currently in a Krewe since I … Continue reading

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Valentine or Helau ?

“She was carrying two coffees and a donut bag, and right then and there, he fell in love.” – Jill Shalvis  Animal Magnetism Free week this week on the FourFoxesOneHound website, and even though it might be the obvious thing … Continue reading

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Over the Hill

This is a good week for our “Birthday ” theme, as I had two fellow bloggers refer to their birthdays with in the last week or so, and both affected me very humorously… although that is not what they intended. … Continue reading

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Even Publishers Have Birthdays

Happy Second Anniversary, Astraea Press! by Jeff Salter Not sure why we’re blogging about birthdays this week, but we are.  At first I drew a blank, but then I realized my publishing company is observing its second birthday this month, … Continue reading

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You Say It’s Your Birthday

Actually, it’s my husband’s birthday today.  Yes, I get hit with by the birthday fairy twice and Cupid within a two week time span.  Last week it was my oldest son’s, and we used up all the birthday wrapping paper.  … Continue reading

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A Paranormal Birthday

This week’s topic is about birthdays. We chose this week since we all celebrate various days scattered through the year. Wouldn’t it have been fun if we all were born the same week? Do  you think the world could have … Continue reading

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All I want for my birthday is another birthday !

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”  ― Oscar Wilde The world’s population is apparently 6,973,738,433, so it’s bound to be someone’s birthday today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY  Thing is, I love birthdays. I love making a fuss about it and I … Continue reading

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Schools of Thought

Or vice versa, actually. We have been talking about school memories this week and boy, mine are generally not happy ones. I won’t dwell on it or bore you and I am not looking for sympathy. I was a shy, … Continue reading

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