Into the Groove

Cue up Madonna!  I’m getting back into my writing groove.  This Sunday, I met up with our own Jillian Chantal for a write-in.  Now Jillian can tell you that my write-ins normally become gabfest.  Remember, I’m a social person.  But I was determined to get some new words down, so I told her to hold my feet to the fire and not let me start chit-chatting except for designated breaks.  By golly, it happened!

Now, I’m ready to make it happen and not wait for a Sunday or for Jillian to supervise me.  So dear writer friends, in case your writing blocks are keeping you from getting anything down, bust ’em down and bust out your favorite 80s tune and get into the groove!

Happy Writing!

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5 Responses to Into the Groove

  1. jeff7salter says:

    I’m not a fan of Madonna’s music, but I’m pleased that you had a productive day writing.
    In a similar setting I think I would tend to just “people-watch” and wouldn’t be able to concentrate. But I’m glad it works for y’all.


  2. Good going, both you and Jillian.I need my feet held to the fire myself.Wow, what CAN’T get in the way around here???
    (Nope, Jeff,I’m not a Madonna fan, either.)


  3. Iris B says:

    looooooooove the song ! And love Madonna’s music, yes, I do admit it 🙂 Enjoy your writing session with Jillian !!!!!


  4. Glad we were both productive- I was thrilled with my word count as well as you getting words onto the computer and out of the notebook!! Go us!


  5. oh and yeah, I love Madonna’s old stuff. Not so much the new. I especially love “La Isla Bonita”.


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