The Dreaded Daylight Savings Time and a Symmetrical Birthday

I wish, wish, wish that the powers that be would stop with the changing of the clocks. They need to leave it alone. Every year, I drag around for months after loosing that hour. I know my body clock should reset in a few days but it seems like the spring time change and my circadian rhythm don’t get along. At all.

But enough grousing about that. I can’t keep whining because that gets old for the people I hang around. On another note, today is my oldest child’s birthday. If you know me at all, you know I love symmetry. Well, today there is symmetry in my life. My son is the same age I was when he was born. I’ve officially spent half of my life as a mother. How cool is that? (Yes, I’m grasping at straws for a reason to be happy to be old).

He was born at 3:35 am and every year, I told him I was going to wake him up at that time because he kept me up all night while I was in labor. I never followed through on that threat. I wish I had, especially now that he doesn’t live at home anymore.

Birthday boy with fiancee

Birthday boy with fiancee


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17 Responses to The Dreaded Daylight Savings Time and a Symmetrical Birthday

  1. Iris B says:

    Agree on the timechange, but I do like changing the hour back late September when it’s light outside at about 5 o’clock and the girls are restless in their rooms and eager to get up! Don’t like it when they take an hour from me … takes me days to adjust!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son!
    PS – you can still call him at 3.35 next birthday …. LOL


  2. Well happy birthday to your son and congrats, Mom! My mother complained about how hot it was the day I was born every year.I finally looked it up and it wasn’t particularly hot where we had lived; I imagine that she was not in the best condition to judge; she was just completely uncomfortable, to say the least!
    The one year she skipped it was after major surgery and she slept through my birthday.I told her nurse how I felt, how I missed it.When she was lucid the next day for a short time,I made her tell the nurse the rest of the story she always told me. That was the last real conversation we had; she died two days after that .
    Keep bugging your son and threatening to call him.
    I hate Daylight Savings, too.Make no sense.


  3. jeff salter says:

    I hate the time change — both directions. But the one in Spring is the worst. And why on earth have they moved the Spring change EARLIER and the Fall change LATER. Why can’t we vote on this?
    As far as birth labor, my Mom told me that I — the middle child of three — came quickly/easily and her entire labor was hardly over an hour.


  4. Micki Gibson says:

    Happy birthday to Number #1 son! (Not that there’s a competition, but I simply mean in the birth order sense.) I also dislike the spring time change. I don’t mind the extra daylight, but that is going to happen eventually whether there is a time change or not.


  5. Laurie Ryan says:

    Happy birthday #1 son!!!!!!!! (a day late)And I love symmetry in life, also, so I’m glad you enjoyed the day. As for DST, maybe we should move to Arizona? They don’t do time changes there, do they? A bit dry for me, though. I like water around me.


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