Spring Break

Spring Break is a big deal here in NW Florida. Lots of kids and college age folks out at the beaches. Our beach in Pensacola is a lot less crazy with spring breakers than Destin or Panama City which is fine by me. As it is, we have a ton of people here anyway.

One of the fun things for folks to do here is visit McGuire’s Irish Pub. It’s a wonderful locally owned place. They brew their own beers and also serve the requisite green beer for St. Patrick’s Day. They have a huge bash every year to celebrate the holiday and have a 5K run. They do prediction races too so even if you’re slow, you could win by predicting how long it’s going to take you to run it and coming the closest to your time than anyone else does. I like that since it let’s slow pokes have a chance to win, too.

People dress in all kinds of weird outfits- tutus, wigs, etc. Sometimes it’s super warm in March here and the costumes get more risque. Other times, it’s still cold here (we actually have had snow on March 12-13 before- believe it or not!). It’s a fun event. My paralegal went this year and had a blast. McGuires

Tutu Girls @McGuires

At McGuires, you can also staple a dollar bill to the walls or ceiling with your name on it to commemorate your visit (they have millions on the walls) and you can even kiss the moose. They also have a cool feature where you can buy a mug that they keep there and when you come in, you can drink from your own mug.

The spring break of my last year of law school was so cold, I left Birmingham in a sweat suit. Why I packed bathing suits and shorts, I’ll never know because it never got over 50 degrees that year that whole week. I had to keep washing those same sweats to have something to wear. I came back to B’ham as pale as when I left and was teased incessantly about where they hid the beach when I was home. This year, it’s almost that cold again- 70s at least in the day but 40s and 50s at night.


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8 Responses to Spring Break

  1. You just have to wonder how many people actually consider ripping some of the millions off the wall when it would be impossible,(I’m sure you’d get caught before you could get a handful of torn-up bits of bills), but I can’t imagine college boys with a few beers int hem not having many a lively discussion over it.(They have probably considered tearing out the whole wall!)
    Anyway, sounds like fun and I sure envy your beaches. Being landlocked is not as much fun; I miss the sea, and Spring keeps retreating!


  2. jeff salter says:

    don’t think I’d want to kiss that musty old moose.
    So, whlch lady is your paralegal?


  3. Iris B says:

    Is kissing the moose Florida’s way of getting the gift of the gab ????

    It’s great to see all this money and nobody touches it! Great stuff.


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