Easter Candy!!

There are two kinds of Easter Candy I love. One is Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs. Truly, though, they aren’t really Easter candy since I can get the basic same thing all year just not shaped like an egg and really, does the shape change the taste?

The Easter version of candy I like that I only see this time of year is Starburst jelly beans. I am totally not a fan of jelly beans. I’d go so far as to say that I despise them- even the expensive ones Ronald Reagan always had on his desk. But, give me these Starburst jelly beans and I’m in hog heaven. I’m also not a Starburst fan the rest of the year but man, these jelly beans are amazing. I’m especially in love/lust with the red variety bag- it has three flavors but they’re all colored red. YUM! Dang, I gotta go- Target is where I stock up and I haven’t been this year yet. I hope they still have some.

Insert *Tires screeching out of driveway* sound here.


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12 Responses to Easter Candy!!

  1. jeff7salter says:

    never tried ’em … but willing’ to experiment


  2. Now, see, I adore red Starburst, either the regular cherry or the strawberry /banana.(Baskin Robbins used to have THE BEST strawberry/banana ice cream.I haven’t seen it in non-sugar-free in many moons). I thought I had all the Easter candy I was going to buy but now, I will have to try these.Thanks…(my tries screeching!)


  3. Laurie Ryan says:

    Me, I’m into Whopper Robin’s eggs. Malted milk balls are my downfall. And I’m trying very hard to NOT eat the ones my husband just bought. Grrrr.


  4. Shape matters. How else can we explain the inexplicable desire to gnaw the ears off chocolate rabbits? I don’t even like milk chocolate, but I had to go buy another little chocolate bunny to replace the Lindt one I had at while I edited my WIP this week. Don’t tell. I’m so ashamed.


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