I’ll Buy You A Pony

No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth the past two weeks.  Your Wednesday fox is the epitome of slackitude.  So last week was my kids’ spring break and we were on vacation in Texas.  Hmmm, with Jillian mentioning her Texas cousin yesterday, I think we should make it a standing rule that all blog posts for the rest of the week should mention Texas.  Ha!  Challenge issued to our Thursday hound and Friday fox!  🙂

I’m not much of a practical joker.  I was a pretty sensitive kid growing up and completely gullible.  I can’t tell you how many April Fool’s Day jokes I’ve fallen for, but it’s a lot.  As to the sensitivity thing, I’ve developed a thicker skin these days and can laugh at myself, but I’ve learned there are quite a few folks who can’t take what they dish out.  (My youngest son is a prime example.  His father and I are working on that one.)  So rather than attempt a lame April Fool’s prank, I don’t bother.

Now my daughter, on the other hand, she’s got enough of my personality that I can play a joke on her every once in a while.  She, like her brothers, is a pretty awesome kid.  So when she does something to help me out, my standard response is, “Okay, I’ll buy you a pony.”  She helps her older brother with homework so I don’t have to?  “Okay, I’ll buy you a pony.” (Trust me, it’s torture watching my oldest do his homework.  Learning issues which cause a 20 minute assignment to take 2 hours.)  She makes macaroni and cheese for her little brother?  “Okay, I’ll buy you a pony.”  She takes on decorating duty because I’m famous for making the world’s ugliest birthday cakes? “Okay, I’ll buy you a pony.”  So one Christmas, I did it.  I bought her a pony!

I don’t remember which My Little Pony I bought for her and I suppose I could search for it in her room, but she’s a teenage girl.  Have you seen what a teenage girl’s room looks like?  Don’t for a second be fooled by that Pottery Barn Teen catalog.  That dresser will be cluttered up with all the earrings, bracelets, nail polish, hair thingies, and old Valentines.  That lovely floor rug they’re advertising will be hidden by books, school papers, teen fashion magazines, shoes and clothes (most of which are clean because she’s tried on at least three outfits and can’t decide what to wear).  Poor Rainbow Dash (or whatever that pony’s name is) is probably buried underneath some dance tights that never made it into the hamper.

Aside from the messy room (which occasionally gets straightened up), she’s pretty responsible.  I’ve had to upgrade from “Okay, I’ll buy you a pony,” when she really saves my hide to “Okay, I’ll buy you a Corvette.”  And I’ve got the perfect one picked out….

Have a great Wednesday!

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4 Responses to I’ll Buy You A Pony

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Welcome back, Micki.
    I love knowing that your daughter helps out so much … around the house and with siblings.
    Too bad that no teen can keep a straightened room. Ha.
    As far as Texas is concerned, I have no idea what I’m blogging about. Won’t even think about it until this evening.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      Bill Cosby said it’s “The Mother’s Curse.” The one where your mother curses you with children who act the same way that you act. And this is where I confess that yes, my daughter’s room looks pretty much the way mine did when I was her age. But she has her act together waaaaayyyyy better than I did back then.

      As for Texas…I’ll bet the Louisiana bit of you would love to pull a big ol’ prank on big ol’ Texas. 😉


  2. Yep, my mother’s curse came back with #1 Son and then #2 Son’s son.I have said to the sky; “OK, maybe I deserved it, but not TWICE!” And teenage boys’ rooms are no better than teenage girls’…and it goes on for longer.
    I love the pony and corvette! Great story!

    I had a few minutes this morning so I zipped out my post for Friday.I pulled it up after reading this to take up your challenge,Micki…


  3. Love it. I can totally see J. with that corvette!! LOL She really is a good kid!!


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