New Release on Friday, the 12th

tourist attractions: Venice at the sunset

Since it’s a free week this week here on the ol’ blog, I thought I’d share a bit about my upcoming release from Sweet Cravings Publishing for Friday this week. I’ve got a link here for my page at this publisher’s but the title isn’t up yet. It should be there on Friday.

I’ve been to Italy several times and I’ve written a couple of stories based there since I came back this last time. I love the culture, the food and the people. This story is a romantic adventure that occurs partially in Venice, Italy and partially in Bangkok, Thailand. My personal writer tag line is Romantic Adventures with an International Flair and I think this story epitomizes that tag line.

Here’s a short excerpt:

For the first time, Charlotte actually paid attention to the man who’d been piloting the boat. She almost gasped at his handsomeness but restrained herself in time. When he looked down into the cabin at her, she stood. “Is this where I get off?”
He stuck his head inside the passenger area and addressed her. “No, signorina. Vito told me where you’re staying. Your pension is closer to St. Mark’s Square. These people,” he shrugged, “they chose the wrong travel agent. They’re not going to be happy at the long walk to the tourist area. You, on the other hand, even though you’re at a small place, are close to the middle of everywhere important.”
“Thanks. I’m not really a tourist, but I’m glad to be near the action.”
“You will be for sure since this really is a walking city. We don’t have vehicles in the streets since they are too narrow to navigate on anything but foot. Now, let me get you to your destination.” He turned away and went back out of the cabin and up to the steering wheel.
Charlotte peered up at him under her lashes. He was very attractive with his olive complexion and dark hair. She watched his arms as he moved the wheel. Perfection. She loved a man who had sexy forearms. His short-sleeved shirt emphasized the strength of them as he twisted and turned to maneuver the boat through the smaller canals. Mesmerized, she finally realized she was being an idiot again by gaping at this man’s arms instead of the amazing architecture she’d come to Venice for in the first place.
With an effort, she pulled her gaze away and forced herself to focus on the passing façades of the houses and palazzos. She almost giggled. The scenery she really wanted to ogle was the man. At least for the moment. After all, who knew when or if she’d see him again? The buildings had been here for centuries, they weren’t going anywhere. She did giggle then.


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12 Responses to New Release on Friday, the 12th

  1. Reblogged this on Jillian Chantal and commented:

    reblogging my post from Foxes and Hounds here to announce the new release day for Venetian Masks


  2. jeff salter says:

    interesting set-up.
    I have a feeling something quite unsettling is about to happen to her.
    Congrats on the new release. What number is this? Eleven?


  3. Wonderful,Jillian..congratulations! Now you know you have me hooked.I remember being in church and having to pull my attention away from something so masculine about the forearm of the fellow near me away …fortunately,I married him several years later!

    I was under the impression that these weeks were mostly for just this purpose, to promote works, ours or others. This is good news indeed!


    • Ahh, Tonette, a woman after my own heart. I’ve always been attracted to forearms especially if there’s a white shirt with the sleeves rolled to the right under the elbow. Funnily enough, this part of the story was inspired by actual events. The private water taxi my son and I took to our hotel was driven by a super handsome guy with spectacular forearms. LOL! That guy was the inspiration for the hero in this story. Glad you married your forearm man.

      And yeah, this is the reason for the free days!!! YAY!!


      • Yep, amazing what can just get our attention sometimes, huh? My mother would say we are very healthy!

        And I’ve been having fun inviting people in for promos.A relative by marriage just surprised me by getting a book published; no one even told me it was in the works! I hope you check us out on Friday.I hadn’t done an interview in a long time.


  4. Guilty as charged, your honor. My own tugboat man has lovely forearms. They don’t receive nearly the attention they should. Yummmm… Congrats on the release!


  5. Iris B says:

    Woooohooooo – Congratulations !!!!!!


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