Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I’m late. I know. Sorry. It’s been crazy world for me for the last week and I know I’m late today. I apologize as well to my blog mates for not being around but some of these days it’s been a miracle that I could put one foot in front of the other. My dad is home now and recovering well. Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes.

This week is Earth week and I’m proud to say that we’ve been an eco conscious family for quite a long time. In fact, my younger son, when he was about six, decided that his brother’s nickname should be eco-boy since the older one was always advising on reducing, reusing and recycling. We had the various bins on the back porch way before our county did any recycling and it’s a way of life for us. Of course, this same son called his dad Sir Camps-a-lot at that same age.

My son and husband as well as my dad like to recycle old autos as well. I call it the cha-ching hobby since it’s pretty expensive to keep those old things running and to buy parts all the time. I actually think they just like to get packages in the mail. We always recycle or reuse the boxes all those parts come in.

We donate gently used clothes and other items. My younger son did his community service that the high schools require at a resale shop and to this day, my mom volunteers there, too.

What do you do to play your small part?


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8 Responses to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  1. Micki Gibson says:

    Glad to know your dad is home and on the mend. And I’m not surprised at all that your family is eco-conscious. I seem to recall saving many empty wine bottles for your son’s “project”. I can’t say I minded the “work” invovled in contributing to the cause. 😉


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Wonderful news that your dad is recovering nicely.
    I’ve never been a fanatic about environmental issues, but I learned at an early age — partly thru scouts, but also from my family — to leave nature like you found it. Also to re-use, re-do, or do without. [It used to sound different, but I think you understand: it was the mantra before the word “recycling” had been invented.]
    Our county garbage pickup has just recently begun once monthly pickup of recyclables. But they have so many rules about what they’ll take. Plus, even though we’ve carefully sorted it by type, we’re required to dump everything in the bucket together, so it’s all mixed up. I fear that is one reason recycling has not taken off in some areas: too much cost on the processing end … with people hired to re-sort the stuff that i had already sorted.


    • Thanks Jeff, for the good wishes for my dad. I’m still exhausted and need to catch up on missed work and checking out blog posts, too. LOL

      Our county does recycling but it’s voluntary. They actually have people who sort it at the landfill – I can’t imagine having that job. UGH!


  3. I think ‘sanitation engineers’ and recycling plant workers are SAINTS.Any time I hear some fool complain about how much they make(in some cities, it is considerable) and how many tax dollars go into their retirement accounts and or recycling efforts, I go ballistic! What would we do without them all?
    Glad your dad is on the mend! I hope you get to recuperate a bit yourself, now.


  4. Iris B says:

    Glad to hear about your Dad!

    Recycling has been part of my life for yonks. I can remember the terrible job of taking the rubbish to the bins – the ‘normal’ rubbish, the papers, the plastic and the compost …. eeek ! It’s not quite as strict in Australia, but everyone’s got the two bins, in fact we were quite surprised when traveling in the US how little opportunity we had to recycle.


    • Oh, yeah, Iris, you’re right about some cities not doing it. And I DO remember the days of driving the paper to one place and the glass to another. Lol. I’m glad we now have curbside pickup.

      Thanks re: dad. He’s had a slight setback but he’s hopefully going to pull through that.


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