Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope

“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?”
― Oscar Wilde


My sincere thanks to the other Foxes and our Hound, as well as our readers for making my guest foxes welcome over the last few weeks.

I spent four weeks in the USA travelling along the West Coast and had a wonderful time. We were amazed by the stunning beauty, the diversity in scenery as well as the open welcome by everyone. I hope I will get the opportunity to one day write a little bit more about our experience either here or on my blog.

Anyway, this week’s theme is flowers, or more specifically: our favourite flower. I’ve got to say, this is easy. Without a doubt, my favourite flower is the Iris. There are people out there who don’t like their name, I ain’t one of them – I love my name. Although …. It’s not pronounced the English way, but more like “Eiris” as in Irresponsible or Irresistible.
So my favourite flower, I prefer the deep purple version of the Iris, comes alonirisg with me wherever I go. I’ve had them growing in my backyard in my previous homes,  so no surprise that you can find them in my current home as well. I remember, my mum giving me the number of Irises according to my age every birthday. She stopped at 18 and I was soooo upset that she thought better of it the following year. I’m sure I heard a quiet sigh of relief when I moved to Australia and she figured she didn’t have to rush around  town anymore, trying to find Irises in winter time.

AND can you imagine my joy when I saw them flowering in the wild along the USA Big Sur? I was delighted!

Here a few facts you may or may not know: (from Wikipedia)

* An iris is one of the state flowers of Tennessee. Tradition holds that the particular iris symbolizing Tennessee is a purple cultivar, to go alongside the wild-growing Purple Passion Flower which is the state’s other floral emblem. Greeneville, Tennessee is home to the annual Iris Festival celebrating the Iris, local customs, and culture.
* The artist Vincent van Gogh painted several famous pictures of irises.
* The fleur-de-lis, a stylized iris, first occurs in its modern use as the emblem of the House of Capet. The fleur-de-lis has been associated with France as Louis VII adopted it as a symbol in the 12th Century. The yellow fleur-de-lis reflects the Yellow Iris, common in Western Europe. Contemporary uses can be seen in the Quebec flag and the logo of the New Orleans Saints professional football team, and on the flag of Saint Louis, Missouri.
* The red fleur-de-lis in the coat-of-arms of Florence (Italy) descends from the white iris which is native to Florence and which grew even in its city walls. This white iris, displayed against a red background, became the symbol of Florence until the Medici family, to signal a change in political power, reversed the colors making the white one red and setting in motion a centuries-long breeding program to hybridize a red iris.
* Furthermore, the fleur-de-lis is the almost-universal symbol of Scouting and one of the symbols adopted by the sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma.
* The provincial flower of Québec (Canada) is the Harlequin Blueflag, called iris versicolore in French

With that …. I close off. Very much looking forward to reading about the foxes/hound’s favourite flowers this week.

What’s yours ?


About Iris B

Iris Blobel writes warm, sexy, and sometimes witty Australian Contemporary Romance books for readers who, like herself, still strongly believe in love and Happily Ever Afters. And she knows HEAs. Her couples are hungry for life, done with the past, passionate about family, and emotionally hopeful for a future. The stories are mainly set in Australia but also in New Zealand and even the US, depending on where her travels take her. She loves nothing more than for her readers to join her on her journeys.
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14 Responses to Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope

  1. Nell Dixon says:

    My favourite is the daffodil. I love yellow flowers, they are always so cheerful. On the 4th of May it’s our 28th wedding anniversary and the day we married the church was crammed full of yellow daffodils. So many they broke out the Easter cones to hold them all.


  2. Lily Malone says:

    From one ‘flower’ to another, Iris… loved this post. I’ve always enjoyed gardens and gardening, almost as much as I love wine! My favourite flower is not a lily… I am currently in a native gardens phase and I find I love the grass trees in the SW bush all over again; and it is many years since I was here in spring. This spring, I want to do some of the orchid walks I used to do, about 15 years ago. Let’s hope there will still be some left!


    • Iris B says:

      Not your favourite flower ??? LOL … But, yes, I agree, orchids can be beautiful. I’m not much of a gardening person, thank goodness irises are forgiving when neglected.
      PS – As for the wine, you seem to be at the perfect place for some really good drops. 😉


  3. jeff7salter says:

    Welcome back, Iris.
    We missed ya.
    And I’m pouting since you didn’t visit KY on your trip up and down the west coast. Ha.
    Well, I agree that the iris is a lovely flower — or “flare”, as they say here in KY — but I ain’t telling y’all which flower I like.
    I have a Guest Fox showing up on Thursday — our own Heather Gray, from Astraea Press.


  4. I’ve never been much of a gardener, so I’d have to say that my favorite flower is whatever is in front of me. I guess I enjoy the fragrance and the splash of color, but I’m not picky about them. I can’t seem to grow them, and they don’t survive in my house, so I enjoy them in other people’s gardens.


    • Iris B says:

      I’m not much of a gardener either, Patty. That’s why I’m so grateful for my Irises being so patient with me. They flower every year no matter what – I do give them heaps of aahhhh’s and oooohh’s and tell the girls to water them, but the rest of the garden? Thank goodness for my husband !


  5. Glad you’re back, Iris.You’re doing better than I am; I have never been to the West Coast of the U.S.
    I, too, like Irises very much; in fact, they rather took over the side of my house and I had to thin them out last year.
    Some years ago a neighbor thinned hers out and gave me light orange and some pinkish ones, but they are not multiplying well.The traditional blue and even my jumbo white ones are slow coming up this year.However, I noticed that there is a stalk near the door with two buds that are jumping ahead of the others, getting ready to come out. If the weather ever stays consistently warm,(I fear it will go right to HOT), then we’ll see the rest.


    • Iris B says:

      You have to get to the west coast one day, Tonette. Its’ amazing. We loved it!
      You will need to post of pics of the Irises once they’re in full bloom. I like the guessing game of the colours every year.


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