My Favorite Flowers

I’m a huge fan of blooming flowers as well as the tiny buds when they appear on the trees and stems. My absolute favorites are white flowers of any kind. While I love color, white ones somehow speak to my soul and make me happy. I adore white roses and even the little baby’s breath flowers. I have a gorgeous, huge magnolia tree on the yard at my office and two small ones at home. I also have a white pear tree that blooms once a year.

I have a Japanese Magnolia as well with the loveliest pink blooms. It’s a beautiful tree.

That being said, I also adore sunflowers- especially the ones with a deep orange tinge. I don’t have any at my place right now but am going to plant some. We used to have them behind the house I lived in when I was in Virginia as a kid.

yellow flowers

RWA 2010 027

purple flowers

RWA 2010 026


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15 Responses to My Favorite Flowers

  1. jeff7salter says:

    I like sunflowers. Grew some as a kid. As a young adult, I bought a packet of seeds and planted some more. But I’d inadvertently selected a completely different type. Didn’t look anything like the ones I remembered. These were as big as dinner plates. Turned me off sunflowers.


  2. I planted sunflowers when we moved into this house and my oldest son took an immediate like to them
    When he had his house, he planted them in his yard and I know he will again.
    And I agree about white flowers.When I went to church on Sunday they had a number of large, all-white arrangements there from the early First Communion mass.I had to stop myself from staring at them.
    I think you just gave me the idea for my Friday post; thanks. I have another white floral story I can tell.


    • cool. I love when my posts inspire later ones. Glad you got to enjoy some whites. I think I’m going to get some on the way home. Of course, lunatic cat will prob knock the vase over if I get more than one or two


      • When I was young we had a cat that was a dead-ringer for Sylvester,(Warner Bros.)She had a thing for Baby’s Breath.You could not have a floral arrangement around her; she’d steal it and chew it up,(usually on my bed.)She was a thief…powdered donuts and pork chops ended up on my chenille bedspread, too.She also stole checks and letters.We’d find out more about other family members than we were meant to because we’d have to see what the papers were and who they belonged to.


  3. Laurie Ryan says:

    Lovin’ this touch of spring. Especially since we’re heading into several really nice days here. Might even hit mid-70’s. AFTER we get through the frost tonight. 32 possible. Yikes!


  4. Iris B says:

    YES ! White roses or white tulips … I would not hand them back 🙂


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