The Moon, the Stars and Jimmy Buffett

One of my favorite romantic song is this one by Jimmy Buffet- Stars fell on Alabama-

Some of the first words are so evocative. I can just see these people dancing in the moonlight on the beach with the scent of magnolias wafting on the breeze (even though really, magnolias are more likely to be away from the actual shore).

Here the the words I love so much: “Moonlight and magnolias, starlight in your hair, all the world a dream come true. Did it really happen, was I really there? Was I really there with you?”

Such an inspiration to me as a romance writer-


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The author of these blog posts is a lawyer by day and fiction writer by night.
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11 Responses to The Moon, the Stars and Jimmy Buffett

  1. jeff7salter says:

    I like the lyrics and melody, but can’t say I like his voice.


  2. Micki Gibson says:

    I have to admit that when I hear this song, I can’t say that I picture quite a romantic time, but rather more like a post-game tailgate party with plenty of happy Crimson Tide fans and plenty of alcoholic beverages to celebrate with. Of course, when I think of Jimmy Buffet, I generally think of a relaxing time and alcoholic beverages…not just margaritas either.


    • pfft. You crack me up, girl. Some of his faster songs, yeah, I’m with you but this one evokes a man and a woman alone dancing under the stars.

      Now, their buddies may be over the dunes wading in the water drunk as skunks…..


  3. Iris B says:

    Hmmm …… LOL …. sorry draw a blank with the song …. 😀


  4. Laurie Ryan says:

    You had me at “JImmy Buffet”. I know life hasn’t been all beaches and margueritas for him, but it sure looks like a nice life to live. 🙂 Do you know he’s written novels?


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