Dad Memory and Burgers

This one will be short and sweet and maybe funny. I started it yesterday (which was a pretty crazy day) and forgot to finish so it will now be very short since I gotta dash out the door.

I was reminded about this story about my dad on Sunday when my husband announced he was going to Wendy’s and asked me and my son if we wanted anything. He said something about buying a “terminator.” I asked if he meant the “baconator” and he said, “Whatever” and then laughed.

That little exchange reminded me of the time in the 70s when we still lived in Virginia when we went to McDonalds and my dad walked up to the counter and ordered a whopper. I’ll never forget the double-take the guy did before he politely told dad that he was in the wrong restaurant but he could offer him something similar with the quarter pounder with cheese.

Slightly embarrassed, dad got the quarter pounder. He really liked the whopper better, though. Still does.



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11 Responses to Dad Memory and Burgers

  1. That’s funny. The Whoppers were the world’s best burgers back in the seventies. Somehow we got onto the subject of Whataburger restaurants a couple of nights ago. I haven’t been to one in about twenty years, but I can still remember my order, a Whopper Jr. with cheese, no onions. It totally beats the quarter pounder. Your dad is right.


  2. Is your dad related to my mom? Sounds like things she said. Were those tow pulling this all over No.Va at the same time??? Poor clerks!


  3. jeff7salter says:

    this is funny.
    And, believe it or not, a similar thing happened to me. Don’t recall whether I ordered a Big Mac at Burger King or a Whopper at McDonalds … but the clerk acted like she got that all the time. LOL


  4. Iris B says:

    LOL …. yeah, that sounds very familiar 🙂 One tiny hint …. in this house, dad’s gotta get the take aways!
    Slightly different, but more or less same embarrasment for my kids …. with all the rewards cards we have here, i just throw them all on the counter and tell the lady to pick the one right for the store …. all the while my girls disappear pretending not knowing me!
    GO JILLIAN’S DAD !!!!!


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