To Be or Not To Be

Free week here on 4F1H ….

First of all, I would like to again, say thanks to Jillian, who last week posted her final post. I hope it’ll be for a brief period and not for good. I will miss her!

The other topic I wanted to briefly mention was …. last Friday was the 21 June! You’ve got no clue? Well, for us “Down Under” it means the days are getting longer again from now on, and considering that, although beautiful days, our nights have been freezing cold, I’m looking forward to waking up to a day that has already started.

And last … I’m cheating today. I’m re-posting a blog I wrote a few years back for my publisher’s blog. We’re having my daughter’s party this weekend (a slumber party) and I’m a bit pressed for time …. Apologies. But it’s been a popular post, I hope you’ll like it as well!

Writer or Storyteller?

“To be or not to be “ ….. Now I’m not here to tell you that there’s a difference. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t dare. I’m not Wikipedia. But in my humble opinion, yes there is one. See, when people come up to me and ask whether I’m an writer I’m always tempted to tell them I’m a storyteller.
I’m not a writer. For the life of it, I cannot sit down and just write, may it be a story, blog or even a letter. I need the “right moment”, most of the time it’s the “right music” that makes me wonder off into a daydream – and bingo! I’ve thought about how the next scene for my storycould be. I don’t plot, I don’t develop characters, I just write down my words.

So, I’ve got the music, I’ve got my laptop and jot it down. Easy and straight forward. After a few months I’ve got a really nice story and I ask friends(even hubby!)for their opinion – luckily they’ve always liked it so far. Now comes the part writers do from the very beginning: my story now needs to be polished with “show not tell”, with the right POV and to bring a “flow” into the sentences. Then you send it off to a pro Editor for more polishing.

Now for me a writer has learnt these talents (or they even come naturally to them) – They can show the character’s heart is aching in a way that the reader is searching for their tissues to wipe a tear. They describe the scene so subtly you don’t notice the words, but you have the picture right in front of you. They have the hang of the POVs. They know where they want the story to go to and they know how to get there. Read a good book, not necessarily a bestseller, and concentrate on just those points and you see what I mean.

Writing  a book is a craft and should honestly not be underestimated. I know I did. So if you think you have a great story all your friends and critique partners loved, do yourself a favour and have it polished into that diamond that it deserves to be!

Tell me – are you a writer or storyteller?


About Iris B

Iris Blobel writes warm, sexy, and sometimes witty Australian Contemporary Romance books for readers who, like herself, still strongly believe in love and Happily Ever Afters. And she knows HEAs. Her couples are hungry for life, done with the past, passionate about family, and emotionally hopeful for a future. The stories are mainly set in Australia but also in New Zealand and even the US, depending on where her travels take her. She loves nothing more than for her readers to join her on her journeys.
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7 Responses to To Be or Not To Be

  1. Good job,Iris! Have you noticed my blurb here?I call myself a storyteller. Your advice is sound on ‘polishing;’But, I think we are writers, also. Don’t sell yourself too short!
    I am pressed myself right now and I will have a guest writer in this week to introduce her new book.
    Yes, We will miss the Founding Fox,Jillian.I hope she gets to come back at least to visit.

    Have a great time with your daughter’s party;I hope all is smooth-sailing!


    • Iris B says:

      Can’t wait to read your guest fox’s post.
      I still believe I’m a storyteller with really good editors. I remember writing this post years ago after reading a few selfpublished books that had sooooo much potential, but fell short big time because it hadn’t been worked on properly – IMHO. THAT includes my first book as well 😉
      Yes, I did survive the slumberparty. They’re really good girls!


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Beautifully phrased, Iris.
    To answer, I guess I’d have to hedge. I’ve spent so much of my life writing — beginning with poems and little stories in grade school — including a short career in journalism (when I was paid to write … and edit). But writing is plain ole hard labor. And I tend to procrastinate.
    But story-telling comes naturally to me. I observe things, or feel them, and naturally want to share that experience.
    I suppose the beautiful confluence of those two traits would be to be able to WRITE in a way that feels like story telling.


  3. I am a story teller, who is working on developing as a writer. Oh and I know really good editors so with each book I get closer to being a writer!


    • Iris B says:

      Thanks for stopping by Ashley. Much appreciated.
      We all develop from book to book, don’t we. And yes, good editors are the key words. All the best with your books!


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