So Many Actors, So Little Time

I’ve been traveling today and have landed in the great state of Texas.  And although I believe a certain Mr. Matthew McConnaghey is more likely to be spotted in Austin as opposed to the Dallas/Fort Worth area where I’m currently located, I’d be a big, fat, honking liar.  I mean, I’d love to have a cocktail or two with Mr. McConna-heeeeyyy.  (*Wipes drool from chin.*)  But, I’m not sure how much we’d talk about.  I’d probably spend the whole evening listening to that pure Texas drawl and hoping he’d spontaneously remove his shirt.

If I were to hang with someone more cerebral, but equally charm-worthy, I’d have to go with Matt Damon.  (Hmm, I’m sensing a trend with these names.  Matthew…Matt)  I love how he appears to be so down to earth.  How can he not be?  His mom is/was a teacher.  He’s got an Oscar for screenwriting with his bud Ben Affleck for “Good Will Hunting.”  And the thing is, I’m not a psycho-delusional “number one fan” and know everything about him, so I could actually have a conversation with the guy.

Speaking of Oscar winners, let’s hear it for my gal and fellow East Carolina University alum, Sandra Bullock.  My current work-in-not-nearly-as-much-progress-as-I’d-like is along the lines of “Miss Congeniality” meets “Mean Girls.”  I can watch “Miss Congeniality” all day long.  I can do the same with “The Blind Side” for which she won an Oscar, but I’d need a Costco-sized box of tissues.  We could chat about our ECU days in the theater and dance department (which weren’t at the same time).  I have touched the same ballet bars she has.  I kind of hope they didn’t Lysol her mojo off of them.

I wish I could say there was just one famous actor or actress I could hang out with, but I’m afraid if I ever found that genie bottle, I’d totally mess it up and end up with someone who has completely commandeered the crazy train.

What actor/actress would you want to meet?  Do shots with at your local bar?  Mud wrestle?  Go on!  Be daring!


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5 Responses to So Many Actors, So Little Time

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Well, since you issued the invitation, I’d be willing to mud wrestle with Sandra Bullock. Pretty cool that she went to your school.
    Of the three guys you mentioned, McConnahey is the better actor, I think.


  2. Now, now ,Micki…I’m going for cerebral on Friday…no one needs to know where my fatasies lie…(should I rephrase that???)
    WHAT??? I just glanced up at Jeff’s response. WOW! He took your advice! (First wwe hear he wants to be James Bond, now this; mud-wrestling Sandra Bullock? Jeff, you are slaying me!I may get the vapors!)
    I have to say that Sandra Bullock is one of my all-time favorites.I adore “While You Were Sleeping” and about anything else she is in.She has a kind of smart/sexy-yet-wholesome thing going on.
    I wish I had been just like her.


    • jeff7salter says:

      well, for the record, it was Micki who suggested the mud-wrestling. I simply agreed. However, I bet she could pin me since I saw her deck that guy in Miss Congeniality.


  3. pjharjo says:

    Don’t tempt me by saying, “Be daring!” The things I could tell you about the guys I’d like to hang with would probably get me run off the Internet! LOL! Pretty cool you touched the same ballet bars as Bullock. I just saw her in THE HEAT with my bf. (He’s always had a thing for her.) It was very funny! We both enjoyed it immensely!

    About the “same ballet bars” thing and your hoping they didn’t Lysol off her mojo; Before I received my first contract, I was at a Reader’s meeting where Sheila Roberts was speaking and she drank out of my tea by accident. I saw that as a good omen, and it wasn’t long before I was contracted!

    Great Blog, Micki!


  4. Iris B says:

    Sorry, Micki, I missed this one …. hope you’re still enjoying your break in Tx!
    As for Matthew McConnaghey …. can I join you for that chat? Matt Damon is okay, too, but “topic concerning” a bit too boring for me …LOL


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