Which Movie Stars

… I’d like to hang out with
By Jeff Salter

I’ve actually met a few movie stars – and seen others, close-up, in real life – but this is not about casual contact.  This week we’re blogging about actually hanging out with movie stars – present or past – so these are folks who would truly have to interest me, for whatever reason(s).

Peanut Gallery

But before I reveal my own choices, let me set the stage by sharing what I learned when polling my wife and one of her first cousins, Jeff Williams (who’s visiting).  I allowed them to pick one male and one female movie star.

Cousin Jeff’s choices – of movie stars he’d like to hang out with – were Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones.  He waxed on about each individual before revealing that they’d also been in one movie together … and it was a film he really enjoyed:  Hope Springs.

Denise Salter’s choices – of movie stars she’d like to hang out with – were Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Selleck.

Well, I happen to admire the work of all four of their selections, but none of them made the top of my list.

Naturally, I was not able to limit my choices to one male and one female, so I’ll give you several of each gender.

The Girls
Of all the actresses I’ve seen in movies, I’d most love to spend some time with:

** Maureen O’Hara — gorgeous, talented, and smart, she could play comedy, drama, romance, action, western, or anything else.  Her career spanned several decades and I’m a member of her fan page — http://moharamagazine.com/ — where a friend, June Parker Beck, keeps us updated on Maureen’s comings and goings.

** Ginger Rogers — if you think Ginger’s presence on my list has to do with her dancing, you’re mistaken.  I knew her dancing was graceful, athletic, and incredibly intricate, but what I loved were her comedic films.  Like Maureen, she also worked over several decades and seemed like a down-to-earth person as well as multi-talented and fascinating individual.

** Jill St. John — Jill’s on my list because I grew up on movies in which she was beautiful, funny, intelligent … and oh, so lovely.

** Stella Stevens — Stella makes the list for some of the same reasons as Jill, though I have no idea if Stella had a brain in her head … and I didn’t care.

** Scarlett Johansson — Scarlett is here because she’s eye-candy from a new generation.

The Guys
            And there are many actors whose work I admire and whose portrayals captivated me in numerous films.

** Cary Grant — he played such a wide range of roles – from screwball comedy to intense thrillers … from romantic leads to somber dramas.  He was even in some action movies and war films.  I never saw Cary in a bad role except when he played a civilian pilot in the Pacific, and a competitor in the film about the 1960 Olympics.

** Sean Connery — though he paid his dues before the Bond films, he truly defined that role for me (among many fans).  But, in his long and varied career, Sean has certainly transcended that famous super-spy and can play nearly anything: action, drama, war, romance, comedy.  He’s played everything from knights and kings in the middle ages … to a cop in outer space.  Even did a voice-over for a dragon — terrific voice, too.

** Harrison Ford — like Cary & Sean, Harrison has proven his skill in a wide variety of roles.  And all – except for the initial Star Wars trilogy – he plays very convincingly.  In many of his roles, he conveys with an expression (or body language) what other actors might cover in three lines of dialog.

Other male actors who are among my favorites – and I would love to shoot the breeze with – are these (no particular order):  Gary Cooper, James Garner, Robert Duvall, Tom Hanks, Gregory Peck, Gene Hackman, Steve McQueen, Burt Lancaster, Robert Redford, and Donald Sutherland.

Question:  Which movie star(s) would YOU like to hang out with?


About Jeff Salter

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14 Responses to Which Movie Stars

  1. Iris B says:

    That is quite a list there, Jeff, and reading through the males, I’m kinda wondering why Paul Newman or James Dean haven’t made the list.
    Can see where cousin Jeff’s coming from, as for Denise, not sure about Tom Selleck, but he was a hunk as the PI, wasn’t he.
    As for your collection, most of them I have heard of, but I’ve got to admit it’s not my “generation” .Of course I like Sean Connery, but we’ll leave that for September 😉 As for Harrison Ford … some great movies, but boring personality what comes across through the mags.
    Anyway …. trying hard to think of “that” generation, Alain Delon comes to mind, when I was a kid I thought he was a hunk or George Peppard.


    • jeff7salter says:

      I really enjoyed Newman in several roles, like Butch Cassidy, and in The Sting.
      And he was terrific in Harper. My problem with so many of Newman’s roles is that the plots of those films seemed so depressing. No doubt he played convincingly in The Hustler, but it seemed like such a downer.
      I never got into James Dean. Saw him in ‘Giant’ when I was a kid, but have not seen his “angry teen” roles.
      I’ve liked some of the Delon roles and the Peppard roles.


  2. pjharjo says:

    I enjoyed reading everything you had to say about all those stars you’d like to hang with, Jeff! I thought of another one I’d like to hang out with while reading this, and that would be Robert Downey, Jr. (IRONMAN) It seems the foxes here have all chosen for different reasons than what you listed about those you chose. Gosh. It must be a woman thing. 😉


    • jeff7salter says:

      I’ve seen a goodly number of Robt Downey films, but I’ve just never become a fan. No particular reason, but I think some of his films were throw-aways which the studio cranked out to take advantage of a crest in his popularity. Lots of ‘newly discovered’ stars got caught in that trap. For example, after M*A*S*H, they trotted out half a dozen awful movies with Elliott Gould and with Donald Sutherland. I watched the first Ironman flick and thought it was pretty good.


  3. Carol Todd says:

    Interesting choices! I have to agree just about one hundred percent with your choices for male stars. They would be mine as well. Sean Connery gets my top billing. Women, though – that is more difficult. My bigger problem is that I’m not always sure if they are still alive…age is showing here for sure (I know at least one of them is not)! I’ll give it a try anyway: Katherine Hepburn (deceased), Audrey Hepburn (deceased), Meryl Streep, Judi Dench, and Maggie Smith. Some of these women interest me because I admire their character, some are just fascinating, and a couple just hit me as if they would be very interesting people with a lot of life experience under their belts. I must also add two males that almost slipped my mind – Clint Eastwood and Pierce Brosnan (okay, I’d just like to look at him for a while up close). Better stop before I think of more!


    • jeff7salter says:

      Eastwood and Brosnan are very watchable for me, too. And lots of names came very close to making the top of my list. Michael Caine, for example. Anthony Hopkins. Several others. Fact is: I could prob. list dozens of male and female stars who do wonderful work on screen.
      My struggle today was to try to imagine which ones would be interesting in person, without their make-up and scripts and stunt doubles.


      • Well, I thought we were going for A star to hang out with…I will have a laundry list if I start! I have to say ,Jeff, that we have seen a whole new light in you lately…we find out that you are an 007 Wannabe and your list of females is superficial! Good for you! As my mother would say,”Isn’t it nice that he is so healthy?!”
        As I told Micki, you people aren’t getting a list of my fantasy men!Some things are best left to one’s self!
        Anthony Hopkins WOULD be interesting,Jeff,I agree….I agree with a number of the above-mentioned stars…except maybe Stella, who probably didn’t have a brain in her head and frankly, does nothing for me.(Mom was pleased that I, also, was healthy.)


  4. jeff7salter says:

    yep … that’s me — superficial. What can I say? Stella was on-screen when I was an impressionable young buck. I didn’t care if she could play chess.


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