of life and times…

On my first FREE space day, as the new Fox, it’s been suggested I let you all get to know me a little better and tell you some things about myself.  My story is personal to me and a little hard to tell, but I know I’m among friends with all who will read this, so I guess I’ll tell you how I got here with my first writing contract.

I arrived as a soon to be published author, in a convoluted fashion.  I didn’t come to my love of writing the way most others have spoken of.  By that, I mean I have not aspired to write for all of my life. 

I did not start writing until I was in my thirties.  I’ll say that was recently, and leave it at that.  😉  And I only began writing because of an answered prayer.  Let me explain.  I have Traumatic Brain Injury.  The TBI I possess resulted from an automobile accident where I was a passenger in the wrong car at the wrong time.

Those familiar with TBI will know about the depression which follows when the chemicals in your brain are messed up.  For a long time, I couldn’t function without crying about everything.

I could not see any good in life, or appreciate anything.  When I reached the breaking point, a power greater than my own intervened and I knew I needed to find a way out of my hopeless/helpless state of mind.  It was then I prayed one night for the happiness I craved. 

The next day I possessed the desire to sit down and write a story.  When I realized it eased my sorry state of mind, I knew my prayer had been answered because writing made me happy!  It took years of hard work, perseverance, and many rejection letters, but my writing finally reached the level necessary to obtain a contract.

It seems that my creativity was unleashed by my brain injury.  I am so grateful and thankful for all the trials and traumas I have been through in my life.  If they had not happened, I would not be the joyful and successful person I am today!

My first contracted story is yet to be released and I do not know how the sales will go (though it is in my prayers they go well), but I can say I am successful because I will have reached my goal of publication when CONNECTIONS does come out.  And I have many other stories to follow! 

CONNECTIONS, my soon to be released manuscript, is a romantic fantasy trilogy. Though nothing is firm, yet, the first book in the series has an estimated release date of sometime late August/early September, 2013. 

My next novel out will be a Vampire story, in a class all by itself, because it is not your normal Vampire romance in a variety of undead ways. <Evil Grin> 

I look forward to entertaining and corresponding with many happy readers in the future!  Visit me on my BlogSpot for more information about me and my stories.

Janette Harjo


              Romance through the mists of time,

                    Love through the dimensions of reality


Watch for the CONNECTIONS Trilogy, coming soon

                            from Books To Go Now!








About pjharjo

Janette is an author of Romantic Paranormal Fantasy. CONNECTIONS, her first series, is Indie published. You can follow her or sign up for her newsletter, and learn more about her new releases as they become available, at http://www.authorjanetteharjo.blogspot.com She lives in the beautiful and prolific Pacific NW of the USA.
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11 Responses to of life and times…

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Very inspiring back-story to how you got here. Wonderful that you were able to make great lemonade out of that awful lemon.
    Keep writing and keep inspiring others — both writers and those individuals with TBI.


  2. pjharjo says:

    Thanks, Jeff! I’ve been told by many people how proud they are of me and what I’ve done with my post-injury life. I appreciate it, and know I have worked hard for it, but it wasn’t me. Without God, I would not even be here, let alone accomplished what I have.


  3. pjharjo says:

    Thanks, Jeff! I’ve been told by many people how proud they are of me and what I’ve done with my post-injury life. I appreciate it, and know I have worked hard for it, but it wasn’t me. Without God, I would not even be here, let alone accomplished what I have.



  4. I, too, have had a number of unhappy circumstances in my life, Janette; I am sorry for yours, but I not only have faith, like you,I feel I have KNOWLEDGE. I , also, thank God for all I have been through because it has put me where I am today. Another blogger asked last week if we had a book that told the story of our lives, would we read ahead in it. I said that I would, but I should not.Years ago had I looked at what I would have to face, I would have run the other way! But I do see the hand of fate in it all,and, like you, I would not be writing or writing , at least, not as deeply as I am or with as much confidence.And I know I am a better person for it all.
    God be with you.


    • pjharjo says:

      I likewise am sorry about the “unhappy circumstances” you have face in your life, Tonette, and as I have said, have the same “innate” knowledge you possess. I am so thankful for all the traumas I have faced in my life.
      Now I know I am a better/stronger person than I would have been otherwise.
      I also know if I were given a book of my life events from beginning to end, I would not read it. First, bc I would be prone to be unmotivated to work through my traumas bc I would know ahead of time how everything would turn out. And second, I would make different decisions, ie I would not have gotten into that car on the night of my injury. But then my story would be changed and I would not have the blessings I have today. (children and grandbabies, to name a few) 🙂 I would probably have never known or now have a lot of the friends I have today, too. Like You! 🙂 We can never know what our future holds, maybe it’s best that way. Isn’t faith wonderful in that it will see you through what you have to face?

      Blessings to You, Too!


  5. Laurie Ryan says:

    Janette, this is a very inspiring story. You’ve had a LOT of trials to overcome, yet those same trials helped the creative person you are break through. I’m so sorry for the pain you must have gone through, but I’m glad you were able to turn it into a positive. And a career! Congratulations on the forthcoming release.


    • pjharjo says:

      Thanks, Laurie! I’ve been told I have an inspiring story to tell, by a lot of people. As a local friend, you know I don’t talk about my past. It’s just my story, but I am thankful it is seen that way. I’ve often wondered about what my gift in this life is. Why I was chosen to survive my near-fatal injury. Perhaps it’s to inspire others.
      I look at it all as a gift I am thankful for every day of my life. Without God, I could never have turned it into a positive. My “career” has been God’s will since the night I prayed to Him for happiness.
      I am so happy His Will has finally come to fruition! I say it’s been His will, but I had to work for it. You’ve heard, “God helps those who help themselves”? He is not an enabler, but is always there with direction for those who have faith.
      Sermon’s over… LOL!
      Thanks for the Congratulations!


  6. Lavada Dee says:

    Janette, Thanks for sharing your journey. Real life is “real life’ and to take the good from the bad is inspiring and uplifting.


  7. pjharjo says:

    You’re welcome, Lavada! I don’t speak of it much, but when it comes up (like this week’s topic), I do. It’s been a Rocky journey, but I survived (so far)! Like you said, “Real life is ‘real life,” so maybe that’s why I write fantasy. LOL!


  8. Iris B says:

    Congratulations on the upcoming release, so sorry to hear though, that you had to endure something so severe to find your talent to tell stories!


  9. pjharjo says:

    Thanks for the congratulaions, Iris. And for your commiserations, too! I see everything that has happened as a Great Gift that I am So Thankful for! :)My injury has Awakened me to Greater Things than I ever knew before!


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