London Calling

Anyone who has kept up with me via Facebook, knows that I travel a lot.  Like I’m the stay-at-home-mom who’s never home.  (For the record, I’ve never liked that term stay at home mom.  It’s probably why I’m never home.)  But much of my travels are limited to where I can get to in a 2008 Honda Odyssey minivan within a day.  However, I have dreams of far off places.  Places that have five star hotels with down pillows and a bazillion-thread count sheets.  Either that or I should have warm tropical breezes and the sound of crashing waves to lull me to sleep if I have to suffer through lackluster linens.  Places that require the use of my passport.  And places that just seem outright cool to visit.

London has been wooing me for quite a while.  Young British gents could say nearly anything to me, and I’d probably swoon just listening to their accents.  I’d love to visit King’s Cross Station and find Platform 9 3/4.  I want to ride the tube and see an event at Wembley Stadium.  I haven’t become obsessed with all things London because it’s still far off on my places to visit list, but with a teen daughter who absolutely loves Dr. Who and all things BBC, I suspect we may visit the mother country within the next five years.

And because I just love the song and I was a teen in the ’80’s.  Here’s The Clash with that way awesome song….  Happy Wednesday!


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11 Responses to London Calling

  1. jeff7salter says:

    As you’ll learn further tomorrow (Hound Day), London looms large in my geographic interests.
    Wonder if I’ll ever get there? If I do, perhaps I can meet you and your daughter at Buckingham Palace…for tea and crumpets.


  2. Oh, there must be sooooo very much to see and do in London, and so very much history in all of England.
    PLEASE let me know if you find Platform 9 3/4!
    I hope you get there soon, Micki!


  3. Awesome. I want you to go so bad! You will love it. AND Tonette, there is a place at King’s Cross with a post with a cart halfway through it and it has Platform 9 3/4 on it. People line up to take their picture there. It’s cool.


  4. Iris B says:

    I lived in London for about 15 mths AND loved it, so I can only understand where your fascination comes from. It’s a vibrant and exciting place to be!!!!
    Never heard of Platform 9 3/4 though, but then again, I lived south of the thames! As for the tube … it has its perks, but trust me it’s not all what it’s cracked up to be. Use the busses 😉


  5. pjharjo says:

    I’m like you, Micki. An English man could sweep me off my feet with a word of his accent. Actually, any man with a foreign accent could do that to me! I just LOVE foreign accents! I didn’t make it to London during my all too brief visit to Europe in ’05. Not that I didn’t WANT TO! There’s just so much to see and there were lot of places I didn’t get to visit. 😦


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