Difficult to Pick Just One

By Jeff Salter

Very difficult to select my favorite quote from a James Bond movie, because there were so many films and a vast array of memorable quotes.  I’m not sure why this one calls out to me, but maybe because I used to really enjoy playing and watching golf.

To set up this scene, at Scotland’s famous St. Andrews golf course, you need to know that Goldfinger is passionate about two things:  gold and winning.  He is also a well-known cheater.  This match between Bond and Goldfinger has as its bet a gold bar worth a fortune.

Goldfinger’s drive goes into the rough and he and Odd Job, his very unlikely caddy, spend their allotted time looking for it.  Finally, Odd Job saves his boss by pretending to locate the lost ball (when he actually just drops a new ball in a very advantageous spot).  That’s not only a violation to improve his position, but by pretending to find his original ball, Goldfinger also escapes the two penalty strokes which would have cost him the match.

Bond knows Goldfinger has cheated, but decides to continue playing the match.  Bond’s caddy (Hawker) also spots the sleight of hand:

Hawker:  If that’s his original ball, I’m Arnold Palmer.
Bond:  It isn’t.
Hawker:  How do you know?
Bond:  I’m standing on it.

The beauty of this is that Bond shows Goldfinger the original ball later, when they’re settling up.  For playing the wrong ball, Goldfinger must forfeit the match and has to pay off the wager.  Bond keeps the gold bar.

To show how much Odd Job is irritated by Bond’s trick, he crushes the golf ball to powder in his bare hand.

            What is YOUR favorite line from a Bond film?


About Jeff Salter

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15 Responses to Difficult to Pick Just One

  1. Iris B says:

    I know

    I know

    I thought of another one …. License to Kill: “Problems solver.” “More of a problem eliminator.”

    I can vaguely remember the above scene …. Goldfinger … Makes me think of Shirley Bassey … it was her singing, wasn’t it?
    See, you’ve come up with a great line! 😉


    • jeff7salter says:

      Yes, Goldfinger was Bassey’s first of several theme songs. She really belted it out, too.
      I’m not sure I’ve seen License to Kill. During the Roger Moore years, I kinda drifted away. I’d see one here and there, but not with the sense of purpose I had in the earlier years.


      • Iris B says:

        not one of my favourite bond, as i said before, timothy dalton didn’t really personalise a bond for me … that’s when they started the politically(sp?) correct bond movies …. 😦

        Of course we know goldfinger with good old Gert Fröbe … 😉


  2. Sigh…I wish I could say I remember any line…from any James Bond movie…but when it comes to movies, I’m at a loss. Just last night I mentioned a theme song from a movie from 20-some years ago to my husband, and it wasn’t something he remembered. In 17 years of marriage that’s the first time I’ve EVER known something about a movie that he didn’t know. In fact, it might be the first time I’ve ever known something about a movie…period…but the scene you describe above does sound great. A little humor delivered deadpan…a strong hero who doesn’t feel the need to prove himself or overcompensate… *sigh* 😉


  3. There are really too many enjoyable Bond films and ,goodness, great LINES , there is no way to pick a favorite.I have picked one movie and will do my favorite lines from it,(plus two I wish were NOT in it), because the bad guys have the best lines in the world in it.


  4. Micki Gibson says:

    I have to admit that I don’t recall seeing “Goldfinger” all the way through. Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t, but I imagine if I’m Arnold Palmer (who just turned 84 two days ago), I’m pretty flattered to have been mentioned in a James Bond film.


  5. pjharjo says:

    Hey Jeff! Great scene. it brought a chuckle. 🙂 See? I told you, you could do it!


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