Notable Nasties

Final official week of the Bondathon and it’s time to talk about the baddies.  As Iris and Janette mentioned earlier, Javier Bardem as Silva in “Skyfall” is definitely one of the best.  While Janette has a weakness for him due to the trench coat, mine was more that I could sympathize with him to a certain degree, aside from that he kept trying to off my Daniel Craig’s Bond and especially M.  But he also had a certain charm.  As a former MI6 agent, Silva is probably an image of what would happen if Bond went bad.

Though he was more of a henchman, “Jaws” gets a mention for appearing in two of the Bond films and ultimately found love.  Plus, his teeth-cutting-through-the-gondola-wire ability was busted on an episode of Mythbusters.  If you’re bad enough to be busted on that show, you’ve earned a mention on this blog.

I don’t remember diddlysquat about A View to a Kill other than the title song being by Duran Duran (my favorite 80’s band before Jon Bon Jovi and his guys stole my heart) and that it had Christopher Walken and Grace Jones.  Christopher frikkin Walken and Grace Jones!  ‘Nuff said.

And Iris is absolutely right, you can’t talk about Bond baddies without mentioning Blofeld.  He had the most appearances (literally…various actors) and he is the Bond nasty to have been spoofed in the Austin Powers movies.  Which, I have to admit, I’m much more familiar with Austin Powers’s spoof villain, Dr. Evil, than I am with the actual Blofeld.  Since I’m not as familiar with the early Bond movies, I keep wondering if there were any sharks with laser beams attached to their heads because Dr. Evil really wanted some of those.  I’m aware of the piranhas, but not laser beam-wearing sharks.

The villain I despised the most was probably the guy in Quantum of Solace.  I don’t recall his name, but he was a smug little $#!@ and I remember being annoyed the whole time by him.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but I don’t recall if it was an actor issue or just the role wasn’t right.  He wasn’t a Bond-worthy villain.  Bond could have taken out this dude within 5 minutes of meeting him.  Give me Jaws or bring back Blofeld for old time’s sake.  Heck, bring in Dr. Evil for that matter.

What or who makes a Bond villain memorable for you?


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3 Responses to Notable Nasties

  1. jeff7salter says:

    Christopher Walken plays a terrific bad guy. However, I don’t think I saw the Bond film which featured his villainy.
    Our blogging this month has really made me want to go back and watch all the Bond movies in order … but when on earth would I have about 50 hours available to do that?


  2. Micki,I never saw “Quantum of Silence” as I was so terribly disappointed in the turn the Bond character made in “Casino Royale”, (A Bond who couldn’t even get his own girlfriend to do something for him??? James Bond is supposed to turn the heads of villains’ mistresses!)I love the stepping-back into real Bondom with “Skyfall”
    For many years Richard Kiel had the distinction of being the only repeat villainous role in Bond movies, but that changed.More on him and the other character on Friday.
    I said last week that Grace Jones was scary just standing there, and so is “Christopher frikkin Walkin” as you so aptly called him!


  3. Iris B says:

    From memory, Quantum of Solace has the terrible camerawork where you get sea sick while watching, so I watched it once and never again.
    As for Javier: Gimme Five

    Oh yes, I LOVED VIEW TO A KILL … cheesy, but the scenes on the Eiffel Tower and GG Bridge make up for it … AND a classic song. Go Duran Duran !!!


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