Star Trek

                                                      Capt. Kirk: You’d make a splendid computer, Mr. Spock.

                                                      Spock: [taken aback] That is very kind of you, Captain!

~ Return of the Archons


 Kirk: My friend is obviously Chinese. I see you’ve noticed the ears. They’re … actually quite easy to explain.
Spock: Perhaps the unfortunate accident I had as a child…
Kirk: The unfortunate accident he had as a child, he caught his head in a mechanical … rice picker.

~ City on the Edge of Forever

There are too many great Spock quotes out there for me to list, but IMHO, these two were pretty good! ~ JH




Since this month is the first month I’ve been allowed to choose the topics, the topic I’ve come up with is Movies and Romance.


I’ll bet you all are waiting to see my insightful blog on the topics I’ve chosen.  Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Never fear, I’ll come up with something.  GRIN

Actually, I thought of this week’s question bc of all the hoop-la that’s been going on around here about James Bond, and his week.  It reminded me of a craze (I’ve been on many.  LOL!)  my boyfriend and I went on recently concerning Star Trek.

Yep.  We’re fans for life, as the rest of you here seem to be about James Bond.  Most importantly, we’re fans of the (Sean Connery) than I am to the last (Roger Moore) – or any who follow.

Thanks to Netflix, we were able to start watching with the Star Trek pilot, aired in the ‘60s, and we continued night after night to watch until we followed the whole show up until The Next Generation.  That’s when we lost interest.

I think, now that I’m looking back, Spock was my favorite character.  But I’m sure I had other favorites throughout the original series as I was growing up.  :))

How about you?  Are you a fan?  Past or present?  Do you have a favorite character?


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Janette is an author of Romantic Paranormal Fantasy. CONNECTIONS, her first series, is Indie published. You can follow her or sign up for her newsletter, and learn more about her new releases as they become available, at She lives in the beautiful and prolific Pacific NW of the USA.
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15 Responses to Star Trek

  1. Ohm,yeah,BIG Trekkie here,(not nutjob “Trekker”, however). I will say that i watched the original many,many times ….but more on some of the others in my Friday post. That is just one great franchise…and since we ARE talking TV and not movies, by far the majority of the TV shows were superior to most of the movies.


  2. jeff7salter says:

    I enjoyed the original series when it was running the first time. There are a few episodes which I’d like to see again, but I’m not really a Trekkie.
    I know enough about the series to have really enjoyed the spoof which Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver made … don’t recall the title.


  3. Laurie Ryan says:

    OMGosh, I LOVE Trek. All the way through all the series, although DS9 wasn’t my favorite. I love the original, TNG, Voyager, all of it. I MISS MY TREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm, I’m going to have to do a blog on that, see if I can get a movement going. BRING BACK THE TREK! 🙂


    • Here we are, brought together once again by ST, Laurie! DS9 was also my least favorite, but it had it’s moments as well.When Sisco heard that his son wasn’t doing well in his studies, the kid asked his dad,”Did you ever have to study Klingon Opera?”His father said,”yes”. The boy said,”Do you see my point?” and Sisco said,”Do you see mine?”


    • pjharjo says:

      I’m right there with ya, Laurie! But IMHO the only way we’re going to get the REAL Trek back is to come up with the secret of eternal youth so we can have the original stars back on the series. 🙂


  4. Iris B says:

    Sorry, don’t know much of startreck or any of the spin offs. I watched it as a kid, but not necessarily because I loved it. it was kinda entertaining, that all.

    Good to finally know what kind of movies you fancy 😉


  5. pjharjo says:

    I would think not…but I have seen a few 🙂


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