Speed Racer

When I saw the topic for this week (reflecting back on the year), I took it as a sign that I really need to work on my family holiday letter.  I mean, if I can summarize for a family of five, then I could just cut and paste my part and put it here, right?

Bwwwwwaaahahaha!  That’s a good one.  First of all, I haven’t written the family letter on time for the past three years.  And by “on time” I mean that I never got it done.  So my family holiday letter has to not only summarize for five people, it’s also got to account for three years worth and I have a standing rule that Christmas letters should not exceed one page.  Aside from my mother, I doubt many people read it.  Nonetheless, I do my best effort to make it entertaining.  And by “entertaining” I mean that I make it soooo good that people are willing to wait three years to read it.  Can’t you see the lines forming outside Barnes & Noble for all those wanting to purchase my latest masterpiece?

What?  They don’t want my family holiday letter?  That I’m hallucinating?  That line is for the free mochacappataichimartini or whatever it is they are giving away with the purchase of a bazillion gift cards?  Oh.  Well.  Never mind.

My year has sped by.  Like crazy fast.  One minute, I had three small people who believed in Santa, then I blinked and now I’ve got two high-schoolers and a karate kid needing Mom to drive them here, there, and everywhere.  And I do it all in the name of making sure they get to have lots of experiences.  Marching band, karate, tutoring, scouts, dance, music lessons, weekend travels to see family, weekend travels to a museum (mostly because we have a “free” weekend), and who knows what else.  I looked at my calendar for a month and someone might get the impression I run some multinational company for all the appointments I have scheduled.  Maybe I do, because honestly, I have no idea what language my kids are speaking some days.  And then there are the times that the hubby and I get away for a mini-vacation (or a weeklong cruise…whatever the calendar and budget allows) since the chaos of the regular week can lead to us feeling like strangers at times on different schedules.

Even my day races by.  I had every intention of getting this done earlier and yet I spent my entire morning at the auto service shop.  I had a moment for lunch with a friend (yes, this had to be scheduled in) and then it was time for the afternoon pickup and drop off at the next activity before tonight’s church drama.  No, we didn’t have pastor punching or anything Jerry Springer-worthy.  The youth drama performance was this evening and then we still had to get dinner at some point.  So now it’s 9:30 and I wonder what happened to my day.  (Most of it was sitting on my butt, in a van, in traffic…once I was done at the auto service shop.)

BUT…despite all the chaos in my life, and how quickly time seems to rush by, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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2 Responses to Speed Racer

  1. jeff7salter says:

    The hectic pace you describe sounds quite a bit like what my son and his wife deal with … in NW Louisiana with their three kids. Only their ages are 15, 14, and 3 — so needless to say, the youngest has an entirely different set of needs and schedules.
    I don’t know how you do all you do, Micki, and still keep a grip on sanity. I see a little bit of your activity on FB posts and I think if I had your plate… I’d be starkers!


  2. If your Christmas letter would be written as funny as this post was, Micki.,I stand in line for it!
    I’m running a little less this year, but ,(I hate to tell you),I’m doing it with The Next Generation,(grandkids; it hasn’t ended for me yet). You are Wonder Woman, though.
    Time does rush by but you seem to make the most of it and have your priorities in good order.
    I salute you! Thanks for giving us a lift !
    (Love the ‘Church Drama”!)


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