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Play On Words

Or words on a play. There was some confusion about the topic for this week, if, indeed, there was one. It seems to be a “Free” week and three of the five of us that post here have new books … Continue reading

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A Brace of Comedies

By Jeff Salter And when I say a ‘brace’, I hope most readers understand that term.  The two I want to mention today — during ‘free week’ at 4F1H — are “Curing the Uncommon Man-Cold” (my newly-released screwball comedy) and … Continue reading

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My January 2014 Release!

Hmmm. It seems that, going by Iris’ post, this is a Free week. That suits me fine because the subject I have in my files for this week is: Describe an experience in which you’ve met a published author in … Continue reading

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“More Beginnings”

It’s free week on “Four Foxes One Hound” … and what good timing …..   More Beginnings “More Beginnings” is the second book in the Beginnings series, which is very close to my heart. One reason is, that I strongly … Continue reading

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To Question or Not To Question; that is the Question

The topic this week is what question we would like to ask of our favorite authors. I cannot tell you what a bookhound I am. I am , and always have been, an avid reader,and before that, a compulsive listener. … Continue reading

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My Conversation with Shakespeare… Among Others

By Jeff Salter What would I say to (or ask of) my favorite famous authors (even if long gone)? Keep reading. William Shakespeare Let’s start with the Immortal Bard. I’d thank him for about half of his plays and tell … Continue reading

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Coincidence? I think not.

What would you ask or tell one of your favorite authors (whether or not she/he is still living now) if you had the chance? Today’s Tuesday! AAACK! I forgot to post this morning! It’s interesting what today’s question is (posted … Continue reading

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