Sayonara 2013…Bon Jour 2014!

Happy New Year!  I’m scooting in under the wire for the first day of 2014, but I have been traveling over the past several days from one end of Florida to practically the other and back again.  Sorry if my title mislead you to believe that international travel was involved, though I did visit with some dear friends today who are of Filipino descent.  Seriously, I did ten hours of driving today, so the last thing I wanted to do after spending all day sitting on my rear was to get my BICHOK on (Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard), but one of my resolutions was to not skip any blog posts this year.  So after unloading the van, hounding the kids about taking care of the pets (who were also subjected to the road trip), and hooking up my computer, here I am, ready to tackle one of my 2014 resolutions.

One thing that has kept me busy this year, and kept me from writing, was a lot of the road trips.  Most often it was to see family, friends, or as one of the offspring called us, “framily”.  Close friends you’d choose to be your family.  I have no regrets about not writing for those reasons.  And when it comes to documenting much of that fun on Facebook, I slack there too.  Come on!  I’m too busy having fun!  Okay, that and I usually haven’t charged my camera battery and my phone takes pathetic pictures, so there’s that excuse.  My point is that I am a well-rounded slacker.  My children have not been to a professional portrait studio in at least 4 years.  Grandparents get crummy to decent school pictures every once in a while.  Birthday cards arrive late and I still haven’t done this year’s Christmas letter though I have a very rough draft taking up memory on my hard drive.  On occasion my slackerdom pays off in a good way.  Today’s plan was simply to get home tonight, but I’d wanted to visit with my high school friends because one of them lives in Texas and was there with the family.  Bonus is that by visiting my high school friends on my way home from visiting the college “framily”, I made a surprise trip to my parents as well.  Good daughter bonus points!

I suppose no one would be surprised to hear that my writing style is far more pantser than plotter.  Because plotting requires planning and y’all know I am way too much of a slacker and procrastinator to handle that.  But since it’s a new year, I’m game for trying something new to get the momentum going on my writing again.  Plus I visited with a writing friend yesterday, so we’re both psyched up to have a better 2014 in terms of our writing.

So forget the whole resolution thing!  What one new thing are you willing to try this year?  Month?  Week?  Go for it!  Be wild!  And I’ll see you here next Wednesday!


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4 Responses to Sayonara 2013…Bon Jour 2014!

  1. pjharjo says:

    I suppose I could be called a slacker, too, Micki. I know I’m a REAL Procrastinator! But when it comes to a deadline, I suppose that’s when re really knuckle down, don’cha think? 🙂 You already know I’m not much of a one for making resolutions, and I have no idea, this early in the game, what wild new thing I’ll try this year. I’m pretty spontaneous and usually don’t have any idea of what I’m going to do next until I JUMP into it! LOL!

    May you get more done in 2014! 🙂


  2. Oh, yeah,Micki! I ‘m there! I won that writing competition you hooked me to and then I let it sit…on the computer;but it’s still going a bit in my head…more on that Friday.) I have projects started ,but you understand!
    The best news is that we will have you here! I have missed your humor.I find you such an inspiration. And , let me tell you, having to get a post out has done a lot for me, writing-wise.I hope it helps you.
    Have a great 2014…I know it started out on a bad note for you…no, not a “note”, a coin!


  3. jeff7salter says:

    glad you made your travel safely. also very glad that I don’t have all the travel that you’ve been doing — exhausting!
    Great to have you back in the saddle with us at 4F1H — hope 2014 will be a very productive writing (& blogging) year for all of us.


  4. Iris B says:

    Woohooo …. sounds very enthusiastic 🙂 Look forward to your posts in 2014!


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