My January 2014 Release!

Hmmm. It seems that, going by Iris’ post, this is a Free week. That suits me fine because the subject I have in my files for this week is: Describe an experience in which you’ve met a published author in person.

While I’ve met many published authors in person, I can’t recall a particularly memorable experience. In which case, I would have nothing to write about. But since this is a free week, I’ll talk about the second in CONNECTIONS, my Romantic Fantasy Trilogy. The novella, entitled CONNED will be available before the end of this month if it KILLS ME! LOL! (I just received the final edits tonight (Jan 27).)

CONNED, which follows FATED, will be available at,, Barnes&,, etc.
Be Sure To Watch For The Trilogy’s Exciting Conclusion in INFORMED, which is soon to be released.


About pjharjo

Janette is an author of Romantic Paranormal Fantasy. CONNECTIONS, her first series, is Indie published. You can follow her or sign up for her newsletter, and learn more about her new releases as they become available, at She lives in the beautiful and prolific Pacific NW of the USA.
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11 Responses to My January 2014 Release!

  1. I don’t think you have the last revised list,Janette;I’ll email it to you.I wish it WERE about meeting authors, as Micki and I don’t have a book to push like the rest of you…and I didn’t see it coming to ask anyone to guest,9which I often do.) So, Good luck with your release and I will put on my thinking cap for Friday!


    • pjharjo says:

      Thanks for the revised list, Tonette! What’s a good subject for one is not always good for another, huh? 🙂 You and Micki will have books to push soon! Thanks for your comment! 🙂


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Glad y’all reminded me to check my revised schedule, which (indeed) has this as “free week”.
    And I was all geared up to yak about some authors I’ve met.
    Well, congratulations on your upcoming novella, Janette. Hope it meets with much success.


  3. Laurie Ryan says:

    Maybe, instead of what author’s you’ve met, 4F1H should have y’all interview an author. 🙂 Congrats on the almost new release. It sounds like you are busy with final edits, so I won’t look for a quick response to this comment. 🙂 Best of luck!


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