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Guest: Author Paula Martin

The one of the best things that has happened to me since becoming involved with this blog has been the friends I have made, not only with the other Foxes ,(past and present), and the Hound, but with so many … Continue reading

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Need a Cure for a Man-Cold?

Need a Cure for a Man-Cold? Here’s a screwball sample… By Jeff Salter Since it’s our Free Week at 4F1H, I decided to feature a short excerpt from my newest novel — a screwball comedy, “Curing the Uncommon Man-Cold”. A … Continue reading

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of Missed Posts & Missing Docs

This week is going little better than the last, when I wrote on this week’s topic after missing 2 weeks! Tonight I go to post my Tuesday blog, which I wrote today while at the Care Center with my momma, … Continue reading

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Books Galore – And your chance to promote!

One of the topics over the last few weeks amongst author friends was “book promotion”. The how and the where, and of course the most effective one. It’s a struggle all authors, or for that matter, all businesses have to … Continue reading

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Looking Back and Not Seeing A Head

The question of the week is: Have you ever met or seen a U.S. President, (or in Iris’ case, A Prime Minister)? My answer is a resounding NO, which is almost a feat, considering I lived in the Washington, DC … Continue reading

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Head Honchos

It’s Presidents/Prime Minister/Head of State/Head Honcho week.  And maybe what I have to say about the persons who have occupied our highest office in the land can be viewed as scandalous, but I don’t care.  It is my opinion and … Continue reading

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Close Encounters with American Presidents

By Jeff Salter Well, let me make clear that none of the presidents I’m about to mention ever had any recollection of our close encounters… as they were blissfully unaware that I was in their vicinity.  But I’ve nonetheless held … Continue reading

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Just Under the Wire!

I’M BACK! My computer’s been “hosed” and I have missed a couple of weeks, but now I’m back for a free week! It’s a FREE WEEK! Good Deal! I’ve been absent for the last couple of weeks and I hope … Continue reading

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Presidents, Prime Ministers and the Queen

I am 73 years old. I’ve seen everything. I’ve met the kings, the queens, the presidents, I’ve been around the world. I have one thing that I would like to do: to try to reach peace. ~~Ariel Sharon I love … Continue reading

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Happy St. Valentine’s Day…Whatever That Means To You

I doubt that most of us think of the Roman martyr for whom the day is named. Frankly, it hasn’t meant much since I was in elementary school,(1st-6th grades), and we had Valentine parties,or simple card exchanges. Sometimes we had … Continue reading

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