For Lovers…or Not

I’m squeaking in under the wire today mostly because my world has been in a whirlwind for the past five days.  Super short version is that in a few months, my family and I will be moving 3000 miles away from where we currently are.  Could be 2900, maybe 3200, depending upon the route.  But you get my drift.

Why on earth would someone do something crazy like that?  Short answer:  For love.  That and the D-word is a heck of a lot more expensive and all sorts of unpleasant.  And I really do love my hubby even if the past (mumble, mumble) years of Valentine’s Days haven’t been all that amazing.

Now before this becomes somewhat of a downer about the week that makes or breaks a Hallmark store or florist shop’s budget for the year, let me be clear.  When you’re as lucky as I am to have the kind of spouse that I do, you don’t need Valentine’s Day.  In our early years of dating, I was a waitress which meant I worked on Valentine’s Day.  My husband was a medical student/resident after that which in Native American speak meant low-man-on-totem-pole-no-get-holidays-off.  Then because he’s also in the military, there have been deployments to contend with.  By the time we got to celebrate it together, our day was more of the “Meh” variety.  There is so much commercial build-up, that it was hard to be content with a simple card.  But then you catch garbage from all your single friends who love/hate the holiday, so it’s a no-win situation.  “Singles Awareness Day” anyone?  Anyhow, we combat it by treating it like any other day unless one of us have made a specific request for it.  The only one I truly recall was 16 years ago when a friend offered to babysit for us.  (My oldest was 2 weeks old then.)  The friend was probably the only person in the area I would have left my baby with (no family nearby) and we had an early dinner followed by some ice skating.

My true happiness from the holiday comes from knowing that it’s okay to not have the whole chocolate-flowers-jewelry trifecta.  It’s okay to simply BE in the moment, with the person (or persons if we extend it to the kids) that I’m most attached to.  It’s kind of like Thanksgiving…be thankful year-round, and you don’t need to waste any energy worrying if your 4th Thursday in November isn’t all you hoped it would be.  Take notice February 14!

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4 Responses to For Lovers…or Not

  1. Well, heck-fire, will everyone please stop giving the competition free ads?! AMERICAN GREETINGS,People!
    (I’m OK now!)
    You and me,Micki, we seem to be in the same place V-day-wise with our husbands.
    I am so glad you got in.You MUST fill us in! Going from the Atlantic to the Pacific, are you? What an adventure!
    Do what you need to do but keep us posted! Good luck with all that you are headed into!


  2. Iris B says:

    Isn’t this about the nicest love declaration ever! *sighs* Bravo … my sentiments exactly … we don’t need “A DAY” here either .
    Heard about the move, good luck on the busy months ahead. Hope all goes smoothly.
    “the D-word ” ???


  3. pjharjo says:

    Micki, your take on Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc. is pretty much the same as mine. I do hope your move is good for your marital relationship! 🙂 Can I ask; where are you moving to?


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