Head Honchos

It’s Presidents/Prime Minister/Head of State/Head Honcho week.  And maybe what I have to say about the persons who have occupied our highest office in the land can be viewed as scandalous, but I don’t care.  It is my opinion and my day to share it.

I have never met the President of the United States, and truth be told, I doubt I’d ever want to.  One of my kids  once said he wanted to grow up to be president, and I wasn’t about to break his sweet, innocent heart with my opinion of politicians in general, so I kept my mouth shut until he decided he wanted to be something else.  See, it’s like this….I’m a former teacher (math).  In the good ol’ US of A, politicians seem to think they know best about how to run education, particularly public education, and that teachers don’t know diddly.  This is particularly irksome to me considering most of them were educated in private schools and the only time they ever set foot in a public school is when they’re doing some grandstanding and are up for re-election or something.  To say that I hold pond scum in higher regard than the majority of politicians is an understatement.  Therefore, in my political math world, it goes like this:  President = Politician < Pond Scum, Grime on the bottom of my shoe, Science Project forming in the back of my fridge.

And before anyone questions my political leanings, I will freely admit to being an equal opportunity politician-hater.  Democrat, Republican, doesn’t matter.  They’ve all been a bunch of mud-slingers during the campaign season.  While I appreciate the February Monday holiday, I don’t take any special time to consider the head honcho.  I believe that anyone at the national level has sold their soul to special interest groups and will lie to get elected.

What’s ironic is that Presidents Day follows Valentine’s Day when we profess our love via cards, candy, and flowers.  Amazing what a difference a few days makes.

No politicians were harmed during the composition of this blog post.  Damn.


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9 Responses to Head Honchos

  1. I have to admit, your view is refreshing to hear, Jeff. I grew up in Washington,DC and we were not spared any scandal…ANY scandal.It is all in the open,if people would only look.
    Although I am surprised to read what you have to say,I am emboldened by it enough to more than agree with you.I can add that at this point,I think they are all playing games with us. The so-called Democrats come in, promise half the world and break us down in some ways, then the so-called Republicans come in , promise the other half of the world and break us down in another direction.Anyone who is not willing to ‘play the game’ hasn’t a snowball’s chance you-know-where to get elected.If a person gets high enough even to be considered a player,I figure they are in cahoots….and part of the problem. I don’t have the answer, but what has been going on isn’t what the Founding Fathers envisioned, as imperfect as they were themselves.
    “Presidents’ Day”???? It used to be two holidays, (for those who don’t know)February 12th , when we celebrated Abrahan Lincoln on his birthday and then February 22nd, when we celebrated George Washington’s contribution,CONSIDERABLE contribution as the Father of our Country, on his birthday.
    How people can even start to places say, G.W. Bush,Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton in the same category as those two men, is mindless.
    I could start a list that is VERY long here of undeserving presidents,including William Henry Harrison, the genocidal maniac who died a month after entering office because he insisted on speaking hatless at length at his inauguration in freezing rain.He became ill and died of pneumonia. Poetic justice. Gee,I could add probably every president since I have been born.I like some of Carter’s work since he left the White House,(I do like his writing style; he’s quite a storyteller.), but I can’t say he handled everything well. I have heard how Eisenhower truly felt that he had to be in power to keep a nuclear war from ever happening, but he was no saint.Some good things have come about in civil rights and social services in my time, but about the men and what bad came with the good? Let’s just say I better stop here.
    I pray for answers.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      I remember back when we used to celebrate Washington and Lincoln’s birthday’s separately, but I don’t recall having a day off. I’d rather give up the day off and have them remembered separately in schools. (I recall coloring Abe and George faces in elementary school.)

      Anyhow, as much as our earlier forefathers are revered, I wonder how many of their skeletons would have been made public if they were living in our current times.

      Also, I think mine and Jeff’s posts got flip-flopped on when they posted. Just think of it as double bonus Thursday.


      • jeff7salter says:

        yeah, I think our posts flipped. Mine was set to launch a few mins after midnight… which is the first few mins. of Thursday.
        But no matter — people who want to read us can find us.


    • oops! I mean MICKI! Not Jeff…you don’t look ANYTHING alike!


  2. jeff7salter says:

    Somewhat like you, Micki, I have become more and more disillusioned about our political “leaders”. I guess there are still some elected officials who genuinely vote for things which are in the best interest of their constituency … but way too many are only interested in making deals and lining their pockets. Very sad.


    • Micki Gibson says:

      The scary thing is that I believe the actual office holder these days is simply the most charismatic puppet the true power-hungry masters find to be the face of whatever agenda they want to fulfill. Sad, but I know there must still be some decent people who get elected. At least that’s what I hope.


  3. Iris B says:

    Amen to that, Micki !!! Well said.


  4. I had not noticed your disclaimer.Micki, you always crack me up! I would love to read a story of yours.


  5. pjharjo says:

    LOL! I LOVE your last line, Micki! It appears you and I both share the same opinion of politicians. 🙂


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