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My Big Bang Theory

OMG – we’re talking TV. Hallelujah. I used to work at a TV station in Germany, like yonks ago, and loved it. The atmosphere was just bizarre. Anyway – today’s question: If you were a key figure in a TV … Continue reading

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Peace and Long Life

We’re asked this week to talk about what we would do if we saw a spaceship land in our city. I am afraid I shot my bolt on the topic of space travelers in the first week! [See “Gimme Some … Continue reading

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Survival Strategies during Alien Invasions

We don’t have a leader, but you can talk to me… unless that’s a ray gun in your pocket By Jeff Salter This week’s question: If I saw aliens land nearby, would I interact? The old cliché is that the … Continue reading

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Run Forrest, run.

We’re back to the subject of Aliens 🙂 Can you all see me jump up and down in excitement. Anyway – question this week is If you saw an alien spaceship land in your city, what would you do? Would … Continue reading

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Guest: Author Charlene Wilson

This is a “Free Week”, a week without a specific topic. We decided to do one a month, mainly for the purpose of promoting writing,or writings. Since I have nothing to tout right now,I have invited guests for the next … Continue reading

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Curing the Uncommon Man-Cold

Excerpt from Chapter 1 By J. L. Salter For those who haven’t yet seen my recent novel, here’s a short excerpt from my screwball comedy, “Curing the Uncommon Man-Cold”. A stubborn boyfriend with the sniffles is the last thing Amanda … Continue reading

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But this week’s topic (of lack thereof) leaves me with no new promotional news bc I shared my free week news the week I messed up by thinking it was a free week, when it wasn’t. Oh, well; you’re gonna … Continue reading

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